After Facebook and Paypal, David Marcus will shine at Coinbase

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are now at the peak of their popularity, companies such as Coinbase are actually providing their services to an ever-growing audience. This company recently hired a game-changing recruit, which has made himself a name in the startups’ world by playing a key role in the success of giants such as Facebook and PayPal.

David Marcus is now a member of the company’s executive board. He is expected to make a good use of his experience and abilities to contribute to Coinbase’s success as he did for two companies that are actually renowned worldwide.

Coinbase expect to grow even more

Several changes in Coinbase’s internal structure became a necessity, in order for them to be more efficient. Within few weeks only, the company became one of the most used cryptocurrency exchange platform in the US and also in the world. It strength resides in its allowance of exchanging not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also the non-major cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin.

Ever since Bitcoin value peaked at 1000% of its initial rate from January 2017 to later in the same year, pretty much everyone has realized the potential of cryptocurrencies. People are getting interested in Bitcoin, but also in other cryptocurrencies, and their exchange volume keeps on getting bigger as time goes by. Because it allows more possibilities to its users, Coinbase is now one of the most downloaded cryptocurrency applications on App Store.

David Marcus: a safe bet

His knowledge of online payments and the world of mobile devices are David Marcus’ qualities which won him the interest of Brian Armstrong, the actual CEO of Coinbase. The latter stated in a blog post that the previous Facebook and PayPal crew member could drive the cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform company to unprecedented heights.

David Marcus is perceived as the fresh eyes that will help them to sustain their growth and to rank as a leader on their market. He’s also expected to be as creative as he’s always been in his career; among other things, he’s known to be behind the main decisions for Facebook Messenger, of which he’s been the headmaster for years.

The new recruit is delighted by the offer

David Marcus didn’t hide his interest for cryptocurrencies before they were surrounded by the actual hype, as he saw the potential they have, and how they might change the world in the future. Thus, it was with joy that he agreed to work for Coinbase, and he expect the company to become one of the most influent American cryptocurrency platforms soon.

With such a valuable executive board member, Coinbase plans to reach its goals of becoming people’s first choice when it comes to choosing a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The faster they will grow, the harder it will be for their rivals to catch up, and David Marcus can be considered as a major upgrade.

They also hired a new COO

Coinbase strategic moves didn’t end here, and they are keeping on expanding their team by hiring valuable employees. One of them is Asiff Hirji, known for being partner with venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Bain Capital, and he’s been assigned the role of COO.

Asiff Hirji’s hiring is said to be due to his knowledge about online security for digital secure money storage. This could allow Coinbase to offer more safety to their customers and their precious financial assets and cryptocurrencies.