Exchange Cryptocurrencies Safely with this New Application

Here is a service that will allow you to exchange your crypto currencies even more securely.
This is an application called Faast and thanks to which you can exchange BTC for other Altcoins of type ERC-20 or ETH.
So far, nothing very new.
Except this application executes these cross-chain transactions safely using the most popular client portfolios as well as hardware portfolios: Ledger and Trezor.


Trans-channel exchanges

In fact, thanks to the Faast platform, you can now trade private cross strings.
More specifically, it is this week that Faast announced its collaboration with the Trezor hardware portfolio.
It should be noted that this application is open source and allows cross-chain exchanges and diversification of portfolios.
But in reality it is a trend in vogue. We find for example as platform of the same type, Shapeshift prism, or the radar relay ETH.
These platforms also make it possible to exchange tokens, without danger, with more well-known crypto-currencies and ERC-20 tokens.

Obviously, Faast believes that its partnership with Trezor will help secure transactions. There will be no need to register on a centralized trading platform.
The Faast team explains: “” If you were using Binance, for example, you had to send your BTC funds on your Trezor wallet to your BTC portfolio on Binance, and then exchange them for the chip you want (which may not even be listing)
It’s so much easier to remove this extra step by using Faast to exchange your BTCs for the chips you want, and send them directly to your Trezor wallet. “

No need to transmit your personal data

One of the benefits of going through an application like Faast is to avoid the collection of personal data.
Another advantage: avoid KYC processes.
Indeed, when using Faast it is not necessary to transmit personal information. All you need to trade is a connection to a wallet.
Apart from Trezor, Faast also works with Ledger Wallet, Post, Metamask and Parity.
In this case, it is the portfolios that will act as authentication when exchanging cryptocurrencies.
The Faast team adds: “In this way, Faast allows you to enjoy the security of a hardware portfolio while staying true to the original crypto spirit of decentralization and the security of online private trading.”


Faast offers a very wide variety of tokens

Another special feature of Faast compared to other platforms such as Shapeshift, is the large number of tokens on offer.
Indeed, Faast offers users crossed-channel exchanges on more than 130 pieces.
Shapeshift Prism also offers decentralized exchanges, however the platform is in Beta and by invitation only.

In conclusion, the main objectives of platforms of this type are therefore, to remove the intermediary in token negotiations. But also to decentralize the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Yet, despite the increased security offered by these platforms, millions of users continue to prefer centralized trading.
And this, despite the sums lost and piracy that these platforms have suffered for years.

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