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Top Reasons Why Quant (QNT) Price Rallied 125%

Why QNT crypto Price Rallied get its price so high

October 17, 2021 | 


Jesus Guzman | 

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The main reason for launching Quant (QNT) in June 2018 was to connect networks and blockchains across the world. The process was meant to work without reducing the interoperability and efficiency of the network.

QNT crypto is the first platform to solve the interoperability challenges since the first creation blockchain operating system. The Quant project was built as a distributed ledger technology operating system for different blockchain connections. The project can be described as block chained OS.

This project came in to fill the gap between different blockchains. Overledger network is the project's backbone, making it a suitable ecosystem for developing a future digital economy ecosystem.

Overledger network allows decentralisation of multi-chain apps (MApps) by different developers for their customers. A developer needs to have a certain amount of QNT to come up with a network Mapp.

Why QNT crypto is Unique?

qnt crypto general overview and price details

The main aim of QNT is to help and improve enterprises efficiency and streamline their workflow through blockchain technology integration. This platform has several unique and important features that make it different from others. Below are some of the features.

The QNT crypto token

Similar to other blockchain-powered networks, its native utility token is called QNT. This utility has a specific use in the ecosystem; hence you need to know the Quant QNT price before proceeding.

It is necessary and mandatory for developers to buy the license in order to have access to this platform. Developers can get Quant (QNT crypto) price and pay to the treasury using fiat currency. After paying using the fiat currency, developers buy QNT tokens that are mostly locked for a maximum of 12 months (2 payment channels).

Users are required to pay a certain annual fee (QNT token currency) for running a gateway. Because of that, they will get a transaction cut going to their setup.

Blockchain Agnostic

The working of this platform is to offer interoperability solutions that can work with the existing distributed ledger. The platform works regardless of the individual and architectural properties of the distributed ledger.

Similarly, it is easy to integrate Quant's over ledger DLT gateway into any financial infrastructure, so developers can easily leverage different blockchain capabilities using a REST API.

Developers don't need any modification of the Quant's over ledger platform to integrate it, unlike other layers 2 solutions; hence it is plug-and-play altogether.

Community Treasury

This is among the few projects that have a treasury governed by a true community. Therefore, the platform economy will grow directly with the help of the stakeholders in the ecosystem (one of the few running MApps on the blockchain).

QNT Crypto Strong Funding

Several complete fundraising was done, one of $11 million in 2018 in an ICO and an undisclosed amount in the round led by Sigma Capital. Therefore, it is one of the few projected developed in 2018 that is still at the top and growing actively in 2021.

Working Principle of Quant crypto

This platform uses an over ledger DLT gateways technology, enabling it to connect different decentralised networks seamlessly regardless of the distributed ledge they are using, like DAG and blockchain.

Overledger enterprise platform is QNT's main product, which is the first DLT gateway option for businesses. It is being used as an API gateway for different distributed ledgers; hence companies get the luxury of connecting their pre-existing infrastructure to the main blockchain.

The platform provides an easy standardised way to interface in different blockchains using the already provided easy-to-use REST API. Therefore, the technology allows developers and businesses to create MApps or "multi-DLT smart contracts".

Since multi-DLT smart contracts are smart contracts that are available in different distributed ledgers, they provide the capability of different platforms to offer hard to produce functionalities and allows decentralised applications to leverage data.

This platform has the capability of supporting multi-ledger tokens (MLTs). Multi-ledger assets are digitally backed in escrow in a specific financial institution in real funds. MLTs can be used to represent:
  • Vouchers
  • Stablecoins
  • Central bank digital currencies
  • Loyalty points
Therefore, these assets can be issued and used in many different distributed ledgers, all because of Quants over ledger technology.

The operating system version as of June 2021 is version 1.5 of the main net and operates with over ledger 2.0. This platform does not have a fixed roadmap, but the team behind its success are mainly focused on blockchain, application and onboarding developers to the over ledger network.

3 Reasons Why QNT crypto Price Rallied 125% in 2021

In the real world, instances are used to deliver the worth when looking into long term cryptocurrency prospects. This is evident in the down market during the low sentiment and the actuality of the prolonged bear market.

One of the cryptocurrency missions that have been on the run and gaining popularity over the past few months is QNT, regardless of the market's downturn. QNT is an interoperability designed mission aimed at assisting enterprises function and combine distributed ledger (DLT).

According to the TradingView and Cointelegraph Market data, the Quant QNT price surged more than 125% following the 22nd June quick dip to $44 as all other cryptocurrencies markets comforted a sell-off. The QNT price rallied 125% to determine the new document that was more than $99.11 on 25th June. Below are the three main reasons why the QNT price reached 125%.

Protocol Upgrade Attracts Consideration

QNT crypto price started to tract around 14th June before the market sell-off and Coinbase itemising. This was after introducing the new technology called Overledger 2.0 update in the middle of the year, which is the project's hallmark based on the QNT mission's website (DLT gateway used to provide interoperability within different networks, DLTs and systems).

QNT has gained a lot of popularity, evident from the number of prospected sources, skilled community companies and cloud infrastructure suppliers. The excitement for the new upgrade and replacement has made QUANT crypto gain constructively since the start of June, together with the project's nomination (Most Disruptive Fintech Award for 2021).

Coinbase‘s Full Effect Bump

The fast time QNT price turnaround was after the pullback, and it was because of Coinbase pro itemisation. Deposits were allowed on 23rd June. For Coinbase pro, inbound transfers for LPT, BOND and QNT are obtainable within the selling and buying supported areas. No orders will be stuffed, and traders cannot place any order.

Therefore, the QNT price motion started to select on 24th June as Coinbase pro opened selling and buying through restricted orders. The addition of Coinbase's front side that allows iOS and Android applications incorporation enhanced the selling and buying quantities and token price on 25th June.

Introduction of the new itemisation momentum leads to an increase of the QNT selling and buying quantity within 24 hours started on 25th June.

VORTECS Data Turned to be Bullish of Up-To-Date Quant's Rally

VORTECS knowledge started detecting a bullish outlook on 22nd June for QNT crypto from the Cointelegraph Market Pro, considering the current price rise. The VORTECS score, unique to Cointelegraph, presents market situations obtained from different information sources, selling and buying quantity, market sentiment, Twitter exercise and current price actions.

The VORTECS score, according to the price chart, shows a 71 excessive rating on 22nd June. The excessive Quant crypto rate was due to the promotion off of the market and was adopted by a price rally of 125% in the subsequent three days.

The NewsQuake from Cointelegraph shows a price chart that highlights the announcement of Coinbase itemising on 24th June. Coinbase itemising was adopted by an enhancement of 50% QNT price over the following two days.

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