Protect Your Crypto By Installing A VPN To Your Phone

You want to buy cryptocurrencies, but you fear for the security of your currencies?
In this case, you are not alone. There are all kinds of ways to try to protect your crypto from potential hackers, but these means have not always proved effective.
So why not install a VPN on your phone to protect your virtual currency?

What is a VPN for?

A VPN is a virtual private network.
This means that the VPN will create a network between two computers, directly, without going through a common network.
In addition, a VPN will encrypt your confidential data. Thus, you can effectively protect your anonymity.
In addition, installing a VPN will give you the ability to bypass geographic censorship.
In fact, when your mobile is connected to a good VPN, nobody outside your VPN provider, will know your activities or the region from which you connect.


Mobile VPN for your cryptocurrencies, what for?

When you buy cryptocurrencies via your mobile, the Blockchain will allow you three things:
Timestamp transactions, that is, a virtual currency can not be spent twice.
Ensure that the transaction has been completed by the sender and the receiver.
Finally, secure the transaction.
However, once the currency has been acquired, it is up to you to make sure of its security.
And for that we must take a number of precautions so that a hacker can not get your hands on your credentials and therefore your currency.
This is where the choice to install a VPN comes in.
Indeed, thanks to the installation of a VPN, nobody can know that you have bought or sold virtual currencies.
In addition, your data is encrypted and therefore better protected than with a conventional connection.

Another problem for Cryptocurrencies buyers is that some countries prohibit their trade or regulate it in such a way as to hinder their free trade.
This is the second advantage of installing a VPN: the ability to circumvent the prohibitions related to your location.


How to choose a good VPN?

You are now convinced that the installation of a VPN on your phone is necessary before the purchase of Cryptocurrencies. You now need to choose a good VPN provider.
To do this, you need to pay attention to certain criteria:
First, be aware that free VPNs are often less efficient and less reliable.
Second, check the limit for the number of simultaneous connections. This way you can protect multiple devices at the same time.
In addition, make sure that your supplier does not keep a navigation log.

Other criteria that may be important:
Verify that the VPN is easy to use.
That the supplier accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment.
That he has a Kill Switch.
And finally, obviously, if it is about installing a VPN on a mobile, that it also covers mobile browsing.

How to install a VPN on your mobile?

To install a VPN on your mobile, simply register on the site of a VPN provider.
You must then download and install the vendor software.
Finally, you must launch the software and protect your internet connection.



In conclusion, if you want to buy crypto currencies, do not neglect the security of your currencies.
Check which are the most secure Crypto currency managers.
But also make a small investment in high-end security, installing a quality VPN on your mobile.
This investment will be largely profitable with peace of mind.

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