Crypto Coins and poker, a promising ICO

Crypto Coins and poker, a promising ICO.

There are already a number of sites offering to play poker with or without real bet.

From now on, poker sites open and are based on the new Blockchain technology.

For example, Virtue Poker is a platform that uses the Ethereum channel and will soon launch an ICO.

Pre-ICO starts today

This is also the case of CoinPoker, which already works virtually, but which should soon offer real money tables.

CoinPoker will also launch an ICO soon.

Among the founders of this platform are Michael Josem who worked for PokerStars, Full Tilt, Isabelle Mercier and Tony G, MEP, who appears as adviser to the platform. He said on his tweet:

“Poker is my passion, I love this game. But online poker is sick and things have to change.

Blockchain and crypto currencies can once again make poker trustworthy.

That’s why I support the idea of ​​, Blockchain, crypto currency and ICO. “

The pre-ICO starts today (November 16) and explains that the platform, thanks to the new Blockchain technology, will be much more secure and faster than traditional platforms. It will also give the opportunity to play with partners from around the world.

The ICO will be held in early 2018 and the opening of the real money games should take place in February. For the occasion, there will be a series of tournaments to be organized.

Subsequently, the company plans to launch a mobile application.

An ICO to follow so …