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10 Most Exciting Blockchain Projects You Can Miss This Year

Exciting Blockchain

June 21, 2020 | 

JOHN K MWANIKI |  0 Comments| 



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The blockchain world is an ever-growing sector. It is looking to leverage advanced technology to improve user experience by improving transaction speeds while reducing costs.

Here are some of the projects to look out for this year:

1.    Bridge Coin

The digital currency works such that it employs a stellar blockchain and smart contracts for transactions. The bridge coin is to make it easier to trade the crypto in the Forex exchange. 

The unique nature of the coin between the crypto and fiat makes it an ideal choice for exchange. It also provides scalability and lower transaction costs. 

2.    MMCrypto

Being an emerging industry, most people are yet to understand how the crypto world operates. Investors need as much information as possible to make better crypto trading decisions. That is where the MMCrypto becomes exciting.

Formed by one of the Bitcoin's founder, Chris, the site offers all the needed information about Bitcoin. It has merged price indication for both Bitcoin and altcoins and analyzing other significant trends.

So far, the site has built one of the top 5 biggest YouTube channels. It also has an exceptional Telegram channel for crypto enthusiasts. Anyone looking to invest in crypto must follow this community due to their consistency of correct predictions and analysis.

3.    Blockchain Foundry

Just like MMCrypto, Blockchain Foundry is all about information concerning the crypto world. Every crypto enthusiast understands that several corporations, private entities, and other governments are warming up to the crypto world.

The major challenge so far is the lack of enough information concerning the cryptos. Being an emerging sector, there are limited experts to guide these entities on the crypto take up. That is where Blockchain Foundry comes in.

As a dedicated crypto profession, it works with the different enterprises to provide customized blockchain solutions. The facility at the moment is facing no competition and is set to gain from the first-mover advantage.

4.    Cryptwerk

Describing itself as the engine of crypto mass adoption, Cryptwerk is one of the exciting crypto projects that looks to impact the industry further.

Even though most enterprises are adopting the use of cryptos as payment methods, most users don’t have the information where to find them. Cryptwerk is all about the information on the crypto accepting entities.

Instead of walking around while looking for posters of Bitcoin accepted here, the site makes it possible to search and locate the nearest place to use cryptos. It provides detailed information on the coins approved and other statistics and analysis, making the site accessible.

5.    Libra

Even though the plan to introduce Libra in the market has been on for some time, it remains an exciting project to watch for in 2020. After a successful stint in the social media world, the giant company, Facebook, is looking to enter the world of cryptocurrency. It looks to create a coin that comes with no scalability issues and provides faster transactions.   

The major hurdle that comes with Libra is privacy concerns. After the role of Facebook in Cambridge Analytica's data manipulation, most people are yet to regain trust in the company. The government has also taken caution with the company summoned to the senate for some time.

What makes it interesting is that even with the challenges, Facebook has still promised to release their ambitious coin this year.

6.    Ethereum 2.0

As much as Bitcoin is currently the leading crypto coins, Ethereum has also faired quite well as the second most popular. The uptake and market value has always been on the rise. But that is not a call for complacency. The coin is looking to improve its scalability issues by introducing Ethereum 2.0.

Already on the staking stage, the platform seeks to move from a proof-of-work protocol to a proof-of-stake. The system is quite an energy-efficient and comes with better transaction speeds. 

Also, unlike proof-of-work that blocks out many users due to low computing power, the new platform allows for anyone to stake as long as they meet the minimum coin threshold. 

7.    Zelwin 

For some time now, eCommerce has been touted as the next big thing. It had been particularly true with the sector producing the world's richest man, Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

The doubting ones didn't have it clear until when Coronavirus hit, and the eCommerce has never been more significant. 

The crypto world is also looking to be part of the growing sector through Zelwin. It is a futuristic e-commerce site that allows users to make money in the form of ZLW tokens from using the site. The participants can use the coins for further shopping and exchanges or opt to save. 

The platform is unique due to its global reach and the use of crypto as the medium of exchange. 

8.    MobileGo

The multi-billion mobile gaming has tried incorporating crypto to its systems to no avail. It seems that has changed in recent times with the advent of MobileGo. The platform has partnered with some of the most significant gaming facilities to allow gamers to use crypto in the platforms.

It provides for MGO tokens, which the gamers can use for in-game purchases and unlock other features. The platform is also working on a money-back feature and more for the ultimate crypto gaming experience.

9.    Aon Insurance

As one of the largest insurance companies in the world, Aon is looking to become the pioneer in the use of crypto in insurance. It has introduced a blockchain system to help speed up the insurance operations.

Using the blockchain technology is also likely to improve quoting, evidence collection, and compensation.

10.    Brave Browser

Privacy has been one of the major concerns for internet users. With most browsers keeping user data, Brave is the best alternative for secure internet use. With over 20 million users already, the browser seems a hit with most users. 

It is quite easy to use and comes with Brave shields that protect against targeted adverts for seamless use.

Bottom Line

This list is proof of how much the crypto sector is growing. These exciting developments come with several benefits to the users. Stay on this page for all the updates on every new development.

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