Tron review

Tron is a crypto currency, relatively recent. It was designed to facilitate payments but also the development and sharing of credits for those who like entertainment such as games and videos.

Thanks to this cryptocurrency it is possible to buy entertainment from one continent to another.

In addition, with it more need to own a bank account in another country to be able to play.


The CEO and creator of this business is Justin Sun. It should be noted that he was twice named for Forbes among the most influential people under thirty in the Asian world.

In addition, he was the little protégé of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba.

Moreover, he is also known to have been behind Peiwo, the Chinese Snapchat.

And it is probably thanks to this fame that the Blockchain Tron he launched, was a success so fast and important.

Also, the fact that the two ICOs that Sun launched previously sold in seconds is indicative of this fame.

For Sun, Tron should enable the streaming of video, gambling and entertainment in the easiest and most fun way on distributed networks. It should be the king of the distributed economy and its users will benefit from a unique economy.

Ceo Tron

Tronix or TRX, the cryptocurrency of Tron

First of all it must be said that cryptocurrency related to Tron is the Tronix. It is based on an intelligent contract protocol that provides easy access to virtual currency functionality.

Thus, users can through this protocol, publish, store and own data completely freely. They become the owners of this data and can decide if they want to share it, with whom, and how.

In addition, Tron verifies the authenticity of the credit information of both parties. It also allows payments for online gaming and game currency trading.

What value to the TRX?

First, the TRX went from a price of 0.002043 in mid-November to 0.04138 in December. This is an increase of 2000%!

Then, in December the market capitalization was $ 2.7 billion and the volumes traded were $ 283 million.

Finally, today (January) its price is $ 0.1679 and its capitalization of $ 16.79 billion.

It should be noted that the total supply of cryptocurrency on the markets is 100 million TRX, while in December it was 65 million.

Value Tron


In conclusion, it should be noted that the Tron Blockchain is supported by a strong community. She also has a good presence on social media.

What’s more, it is an ideal platform for online gaming and video with easy interaction.

In addition, this cryptocurrency is among those that have progressed well in late December. Take the case of the week of December 12, the currency has risen by 750% !.


Its ease of use makes it one of the best and most user-friendly crypto currencies on the market.

It is also considering future ICOs and IPOs.

As a result, it should be one of the most promising currencies of 2018.