What is the future of Dash?

Since November, the digital currency DASH has begun to climb.

It was $ 274 on November 6, and last week it broke the $ 1,000 mark.

Today it is trading at $ 1365.

As a reminder, a year ago, it was only $ 11.26!

Changes that have already occurred for DASH

DASH released on November 8th a new version called Dash 12.2. , bringing several improvements to the original version.

First, increase the size of the blocks to 2 MB. Then the vulnerability correction of InstantSend. Also the reduction of transaction fees.

But also the possibility for the user to own mixed funds more quickly. Finally the creation of a HD Wallet supported by BIP 39 / BIP44.

So all these improvements are they causing the rise of DASH?

What is the rise of DASH?

If we want to analyze the causes of the rise of DASH, we must observe several factors that have contributed to this increase.

  1. 1. We can notice that a small part of the Bitcoin community, at the time of the abandonment of SegWit2X, migrated to Bitcoin Cash. But not only.

Some big investors probably switched to DASH to cover their bets.

  1. 2. On the other hand, there was, as mentioned above, a scaling of the Blockchain of DASH, at the level of 2 MB. And this is just the beginning. Soon the size of the blocks should increase to 5 MB and later to hundreds of megabytes.
  1. 3. It should also be noted that Masternodes earn 45% of the block reward. The owners of these nodes, with $ 1500 per node, now earn $ 10,500 per month per node.
  1. In addition, DASH announced several partnerships this year.

For example the partnership with Alt 36 allowing the payment of legal marijuana.

Or the partnership with the University of Arizona for Blockchain Research and Mineral Decentralization.

  1. Finally, DASH has integrated high-level exchange platforms such as Bitfinex, Kraken and Huobi this year.

The cryptocurrency has also integrated several credit and debit cards for virtual currencies, allowing its use with more than 40 million merchants worldwide.

DASH's future plans

Other novelties are planned for crypto currency, which should still boost DASH.

For example a brokerage service with free bank transfers.

But also an opportunity to exchange DASH with 20 fiduciary currencies.

Also planned, DASH vending machines and even an integration of health care.

In addition, one of DASH’s major projects is to make transactions as simple as possible with DASH Evolution.

The CEO of DASH Core explains:

“Think of Evolution as online payments, a system similar to PayPal or Venmo, but completely decentralized, so that a user always has control of his own money.”


It is undeniable that if this project is successful, the price of cryptocurrency will rise significantly.

The Evolution project will be released in 2018. For current investors this may represent a promise of gains in the near future.

How does DASH finance its projects?

DASH has an absolutely monumental monthly budget.

Because the network reserves 10% of the reward en bloc for projects approved by the owners of Masternodes.


Thus, its annual budget is $ 124 million.

It should be noted that the development team is funded directly by this budget, which allows it to hire even very good and many developers.


DASH is also the only currency to have such a large source of fixed income and not dependent on donations or donations.

Therefore, this element is also to be considered in cryptocurrency forecasts.