The news of Bitcoin Gold are they good?

The news of Bitcoin Gold are they good?

Two days ago Bitcoin had another fork, a few times after the one that caused the Bitcoin Cash.
This fork took place at block 491407, and gave birth to Bitcoin Gold.
Initially, only private miners were allowed to mine cryptocurrency.
But since block 499407 has been crossed, the public can start mining too.

Bitcoin Gold in numbers

So for all those who would like news of Bitcoin Gold, know that these beginnings were difficult, with reports of “splitting the chain”.

The hash of the BTG is about 1040542 equihash solutions per second.
In 24 hours the volume of transactions was 68 million dollars and today the cryptocurrency has dropped 24% and traded around $210.

The mining of the cryptocurrency

On the difficulties encountered by the miners at the start, the Suprnova pool affirmed:

Know that there is currently a chain splitting and that the chain of Suprnova could be” declared “as a bad chain by the development team … It is therefore advisable not to invest in mining until ‘developers publish an official statement – UPDATE: “It seems that our channel is correct.”

For the moment, it is possible to check previous amounts or addresses block 491407, and the team members have decided to disclose their identity on the website of the new altcoin.

The team of Bitcoin Gold

The BTG team consists of GPU, Jack Liao, Chinese mining producer. From the anonymous Chinese developer h4x3rotab. From strategist Robert Kuhne from the USA. From the Spanish organizer Alejandro Regojo. Bulgarian consultant and developer Martin Kuvandzhiev. 
And finally, web designer Franco Niebles.
Added to this list are mining operations such as Supernova or Minergate and others that are still unknown.
All these details can be found on the Cryptocurrency website, which also includes 5 Portfolios supporting BTG, plus 18 exchange platforms where you can trade BTG, such as coinnest, Bitfinex or HitBTC.

How to explain the fall of Bitcoin Gold?

The fall that BTG suffered very quickly is probably due to the fact that people are still skeptical about this new altcoin, because many voices rise to criticize the crypto currency, evoking the fact that the mining is not open to the public at first.

This step is now behind us, since the Blockchain is now at block 499792, but it seems that this has not yet had the power to reassure skeptics.