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How to Instantly Buy & Sell Cryptos Directly

Buy and sell cryptos

October 29, 2020 | 

JOHN K MWANIKI |  0 Comments| 



Get Into Cryptocurrency Trading Today

Digital currencies have become a hit in recent times. After some time of unknown operations, they are becoming integral to the economy. Most people are looking to take up these assets like never before. Here is a guide on how to trade virtual currencies directly; 

Things to consider before starting to trade cryptos 

Trading cryptocurrencies is a new wave. Most people are yet to understand how the sector runs. The cryptographic world is made such anyone can take part. Still, there are things to consider to ensure you are on the right track. 

These factors include; 

  • Location 

Even though cryptos have been booming, not all countries appreciate them. Some have taken a hard stance against the coins. Look into your country's regulations before getting into the market. 

The country's regulations also determine access. Some countries allow specific crypto assets. 

  • Payment method 

Different crypto trading sites allow varying payment methods. Some of the commons include credit card and bank transfer. Some can also accept cash, depending on the location. Look for a site that accepts the payment method you want to use. 

  • Costs 

Trading in different platforms costs differently. Most of the differences come with the level of service and regulations. Some countries tax the platforms, which increases the cost of transactions. Some platforms also offer additional benefits. 

While saving on cost is essential, do not compromise on quality. 

  • How much you can afford 

No one can afford all the Bitcoin in the world. Like any other investment, you need to understand how much you are willing to spend. From then, you can choose the crypto and the other related services.

You might consider the services of an investment professional. 

With this information, you are now free to start trading crypto assets. The next step is to choose a trading platform.

Choosing a Crypto Exchange 

Choosing a crypto exchange is next after deciding crypto investment is right for you. Several crypto exchanges provide varying services. Most of them work almost similarly. They allow you the platform to buy and sell digital currencies. Others also allow you to store the coins.

The several Bitcoin exchanges around means it takes time to settle on one. You can use various features to help you choose the best. One of the factors to consider is security. Look for a platform that provides high-end security features. They should provide for encrypted sites and two-factor authentication sign-in.

An ideal exchange also supports a wide range of assets. It should allow you to trade in cryptocurrencies, equities, and other commodities. Several options will enable you to spread risk. It should also support all the major cryptocurrencies like USD. The same works with supporting several payment methods. 

Investing in cryptos is risky. For that, most exchanges are providing insurance. Use the ones with this feature. Still, you have to be careful when handling the assets. No platform would compensate for losses due to your negligence. 

Choosing a crypto exchange takes time. Even after confirming these features, you still need to check on the transaction costs. Look for a platform that provides lower fees. You might end up losing a lot when you pay more. The platform should also offer high leverage.

Lastly, the trading volume in a platform matters. Look for a reputable exchange that attracts several other traders. That is the only way to ensure the safety of the investments. 

Choosing a Crypto Wallet

Crypto wallets are critical when buying and selling cryptos. The wallet acts like any other bank account. It is where you store the assets when holding them. 

Cryptos don't exist in any physical form. Instead, they are all a representation in a blockchain. Therefore, wallets don't hold anything but the address. It's the address that you use to access the assets. 

There are public and private keys. The wallets keep the private keys from unauthorized access. 

There are several crypto wallets available in the market. Look for one that offers assured security. You need the peace of mind that no one else will access your assets. 

The only concern, though, is that too much security means less accessibility. You might struggle to operate such wallets. You, therefore, need a wallet that balances between security and ease of use. Compromising on either leads to issues when trading. 

There are both online and offline crypto wallets. The online wallets come with accessibility. 

You only need an internet connection for access. That means you can trade anywhere. 

The offline wallets are great for security. They are not prone to hacking and cyber-attacks. It is up to you to choose what you want.

Whatever the choice in the crypto wallet, you might consider a backup. The blockchain technology never provides for a recovery method in case of lost addresses. Creating a backup keeps you safe in case of such losses. 

Is it Worth Investing in Cryptos? 

As a new commodity, most people don't get the value of digital currency trading. For that, some would take some time before getting to it.

Still, the asset has proven to be useful. That is why several crypto exchanges and wallets are coming up. It means many people are embracing the coin. 

The major issue with trading crypto has been the volatility. The prices of the coins tend to change even within seconds. For that, most people are skeptical about making them the main asset. The assets depend on the laws of demand and supply for value. 

Even with the uncertainty, the markets are dependable. Several market tools, like technical analysis, are available for traders. There are also several learning materials to understand how to trade. 

So other than the volatility concerns, trading cryptos is profitable. You only need to research more when investing. Also, like any other venture, it comes with risks.

Also, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Only put money into the venture that you are willing to lose.

Bottom Line

Cryptocurrencies have become some of the greatest assets. Most traders look to it as an alternative to the traditional economy.

Buying and selling cryptos needs a reliable crypto exchange. The exchange works like the traditional stock markets. You get to trade the cryptos like you would shares. Once you have a crypto exchange, you also need a wallet to keep the coins safe.

Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency Instantly




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