Bitcoin exceeds $18,000 !!

Definitely, 2017 will be the year Bitcoin !!

During the past year, the price of cryptocurrency has climbed more than 1000% !!

Bitcoin has become the most growing asset in decades.

Futures markets pushed Bitcoin up

Thus, the digital currency has surpassed the 18,000$ mark today, 16 December, on the Bitstamp stock exchange. And its market capitalization is now $300 billion.

It should be noted that Japan is still in the lead with 40% market share.

In second place, come the United States with 33%, since the CBOE introduced Bitcoin in the futures markets.

It is true that Bitcoin markets fell last weekend by 20%. But on December 10, after the launch of the CBOE futures market on Bitcoin, the price went up slightly.

The optimistic forecasts are already outdated!

As for the digital currency traders, they had forecast a price around 18650$ for the first week of January.

However, these forecasts are already exceeded with a Bitcoin which traded today at 18761$.

The rise of Bitcoin once again drove up other cryptocurrencies. This is the case of Bitcoin Cash, BCH, which is up more than 6% and trading at 1820$.

Ripple to him increased by 50% this last week and now reaches USD 0.79 by XRP.

Litecoin is trading, still today, around 300$ with a 14% increase.

As for Ethereum it is around 700$.

In addition, the top five most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are Bitfinex, Bithumb, GDAX, Okex, and Bittrex.

In conclusion, the opening of CME’s Bitcoin futures markets this weekend should lead to more optimism.

It would not be surprising to see the price of cryptocurrencies boosted again.

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