Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq, Very Optimistic About the Future of Cryptocurrencies

In an interview with CNN, Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman spoke on crypto-currencies and blockchain and was very optimistic about the future of these digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies have a leading role in the economy of the future

To the question of whether digital currencies will play a role in the economy of the future, she responded with a vibrant “yes”, adding: “The way they evolve and those among them (the crypto-currencies) that will eventually adopted, I think it is a debate that is still really open. She believes that “the idea of ​​a more globalized payment mechanism, more efficient than what exists today, and that allows to transfer currencies from one country to another, and […] support the economy of the Internet, is the next step to cross in the monetary universe.


"They're virtual, it's the biggest thing about crypto-currencies ..."

The Nasdaq CEO has described Bitcoin and crypto-currencies as adaptable to contemporary settlement processes at all levels of society. She said, “We are paying all of our service providers with these electronic money transfers, and we are not complaining about them. The world is undergoing changes in payments, and it will be fascinating to see where that takes us. “

Despite her optimism, Friedman said that regulatory uncertainty is the “crypto-currency” “big problem”. She said: “Are governments ready to adopt them, or are they still keeping them out of their control? That’s the real question. “


Positive outlook for the blockchain

Regarding the blockchain, the Nasdaq CEO has highlighted the prospects for more efficiency in the areas of post-trading and settlement. “If we can make the system more efficient by shortening settlement cycles, it will eliminate a lot of system risks, and banks will no longer need to be so capitalistic,” she says.

Despite the potential for Blockchain to be more efficient, Friedman expects key markets to resist resistance to disruptive technological innovation. She says: “In established markets, there are many older embedded technologies, which really should be able to be subtracted … We believe that the first uses of the blockchain will be in the least regulated markets, the least effective, in tailored markets, to test it, to show that it works, to demonstrate the efficiency in the Nasdaq private market, or the finance industry. “

But she reaffirms all her optimism regarding the blockchain: “I think technology is a fascinating and very reliable technology. Just make sure the whole community adopts it. “

Blockchain le mot magique

Crypto-currencies soon traded by the Nasdaq?

In another CNBC interview earlier in April, Adena Friedman said the Nasdaq is open to the possibility of offering crypto-currency exchange services in the future, provided the issue of their regulation is resolved.

“I believe that digital currencies will continue to persist. It’s just a matter of time for this space to mature. Once you’ve looked at it and said, “Do we want to provide a regulated market for that?” Nasdaq would certainly consider it. “

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