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Stellar Lumens Review


January 15, 2018 | 

Joanna Newman |  0 Comments | 



What is Stellar?

The Stellar Lumens platform was created in 2014. It launched on the market billions of STR tokens that have since been renamed Lumens, after a redesign of the platform in 2015.

It is a distributed and open source payment platform.

It aims to make the global financial network accessible to all. And this by allowing monetary transactions cheaper, more reliable and faster than in the current systems.

Thanks to Stella Lumens there are no more borders for payments. People around the world can connect and make cross-border payments through its decentralized Blockchain technology.

How does Stella Lumens work?

Stella Lumens works like a PayPal, but in a more flexible way, because it is no longer necessary to wait for a bank transfer.

For example, if A, a French resident wishes to transfer money to B, an American resident, how will he do it?

It will first download funds to an anchor on the network. This anchor will then credit A's virtual wallet in its place. Then A will use his account in Euros and transfer the funds via the Stellar network. The network will then immediately convert the dollar amount to the lowest exchange rate applied to the personal transfers, and credit the account of B. B can then withdraw the amount shipped, by an anchor supporting the dollar.

What is Stellar Lumens for?

As we said, Stellar Lumens is used for cross-border transactions.

If we compare Stellar Lumens to Ripple, we can say that Ripple was designed for financial institutions and banks, while Stellar Lumens is more for individuals.

In addition, it allows micro-payments, the sending of funds and payments in a record time of 2 to 5 seconds.

In addition, Lumens are also used to facilitate transactions with other currencies. Because it allows the operations of any pair of currencies, Fiduciary or crypto.

For example, if the exchange does not allow exchange USD, IPY, Stellar will convert USD in Euro, then Euros in GBP, then GBP in AUD and finally AUD in IPY.

All this allows multiple possibilities for users, in record time.

It should be noted that the Stellar Development Foundation is a non-profit corporation, which allows it not to charge all these transactions.

A more specific aspect of Stellar is that it allows users to create custom ICOs through tokens and accounts. ICO management with Stellar is much cheaper and faster than with other networks.

The price of Stellar Lumens

First of all it must be said that Stellar Lumens has suffered strong rises that allowed him to arrive at the price of $ 0.169 on December 7 last.

To finally arrive today (January 2018), around 0.5 USD.

In addition, its capitalization is $ 10.4 billion.

It should be noted that most of the volume of transactions is made in the Bittrex, Binance or Poloniex stock exchanges.

Where keep his Stellar?

To keep your currencies you can store them on the network-specific portfolios. For example, Stronghold or Stellar Term, or Stellar Desktop Client.

If you do not want a specific portfolio in Stellar you can consult Stargazer, Papaya and Saza. Or more simply go through a hardware portfolio of Ledger Nano S.

Stellar Lumens partnerships and projects

First of all, it must be said that Stellar does not really have a roadmap. But he regularly publishes his achievements on his blog.

However, Stellar has already achieved some very interesting partnerships with IBM and KlickEx for cross-border payments.

Thus, with IBM, Stellar wants to develop a revolutionary international technology that targets both developed and developing countries.

In addition, Stellar has other partnerships with companies like M Sewa Software Solutions, or Chaneum ICO.

If you want to follow the evolution of Stellar Lumens you can connect to the social networks:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/stellarfoundation

Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/Stellar/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/stellarorg

GitHub - https://github.com/stellar

The team of Stellar Lumens

The management of Stellar Lumens is made by a team of professionals with extensive experience in crypto currencies and the business world.

For advisors, we find:

Patrick Collison, who is the CEO.

Matt Mullenweg who is also the founder of WordPress.com.

Sam Altman, who is the president of Y Combinator.

As well as Naval Ravikant who is also the founder of Angelist.

In the internal team we can note Bartek Nowotarski who is the developer and who has a great experience in the security of applications on the web.


In conclusion, Stellar offers many advantages.

In the first place, its low transaction costs.

Then, it is addressed to all customers, whether or not they are in the traditional banking system.

In addition, it has at its head excellent professionals in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and applications.

In addition, it offers a simplified process for ICOs.

Finally, it offers a very high speed for transactions.

His future seems assured.

As for its partnership with the giant IBM, it says a lot about the trust that can be given to this cryptocurrency.



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