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Bitshares Review


October 25, 2017 | 

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What Is Bitshares?

Bitshares is accessed and controlled by members of the Bitshares community. It’s run by pioneering people who are attempting to share the power behind the Smart Contract. The Bitshares platform offers brand-new features that are hard to find elsewhere. They offer, for example:

  • Smart Coins. These are coins that match the amount of a national currency. This is done for stability and practicality. Their value is 100 percent or higher. This way, you can convert them at anytime back to the original currency of choice.

  • It has its own decentralized exchange.

  • Blockchain technology at an incredibly high performance rate, capable of managing more transactions per instant than Visa and MasterCard put together.

  • Secure permissions that revolve around permissions of multiple users

  • Recurring payments are made possible, as are regular subscriptions

  • It’s self-sufficient

  • Fast and reliable transaction confirmation via Proof-of-Stake Consensus

History of Bitshares

Bitshares got started on June 2013, by Dan Larimer, who is also the visionary behind EOS, Steem, and more and present CTO at Blockone. He conceived of the idea of creating a bitshare-friendly currency that easily exchanges into a national currency.  Charles Holskinson helped develop the business plan and presented it to Li Xiaolai in China for funding.

Later, in September 2013, a Distributed Autonomous Company (DAC) was invented via two articles: “Overpaying for Security” and “Bitcoin and the Three Laws of Robotics.”

In October 2013, a Bitshares presentation was offered at the Atlanta Bitcoin Conference.  Hoskinson and Larimer then left the company, which has been carried on by CEO Bo Shen.

The company continued to learn from any and all trials and errors. Their innovations emerged from “reacting to opportunities and lessons learned from the previous month’s breakthroughs . . . Necessity is the mother of creation,” their website states. They call themselves “blessed opportunists.” For example, they first conceived of developing a decentralized banking system that would be held within the coin itself. But, this would take a while to develop. In the meantime, they decided they would launch a regular coin which would later offer this upgrade. The first 10 percent of the Bitshares would match the keys of the PTS, so they would ultimately have a matched amount of Bitshares X. But suddenly, the protocoin concept was born without them being cognizant of it.

The split of a protocoin seemed interesting due to some of its potential benefits. For example, with such a split, investing in a concept could be distinguished from investing in a product. In sum, there were now two items at stake, the PTS and BTS.

As such, cryptocurrencies turned into crypto equities, since they could now represent both the concept and the invention.

Coin designer FreeTrade put together to protocoin in approximately one month. Then, someone by the name of Super3 downloaded and ran it, and he became the first miner. The mining began right away with great enthusiasm, and it was not long until it appeared on the top ten list on coinmarketcap. PTS seemed to be a good idea for all crypto assets, and soon, many others have gotten on board with it.

When it came to mining, Bitshares started to notice how difficult it can be with little tech or funding. They started to notice some inequality to this business. It seemed more like easy money than mining venturing. They note that fifty percent of Bitcoin mining power today comes from two people. They decided to create Proof of Stake instead of Mining. This algorithm can run on anyone’s computer. They thus were going to build a decentralized industry as well as company. In 2014, a consolidation of Follow My Vote and DNS with Bitshares. They began paying on the blockchain, too, and the delegates started paying, too.

How Bitshares Works

Bitshares is innovative because it works via consensus. By using Bitshares, you contribute to a living community that can form decisions about how to allocate and manage its resources. It uses such decentralized global communication toward a universal payment method. The blockchain is highly secure as it exchanges values one to the other. No one is needed to facilitate the transaction, as the blockchain is self-sufficient and exacting.

So where does this unique blockchain go from here? In sum, it seeks to develop toward any and all services that make use of the internet. That’s right, everything--from shopping to banking to music. The blockchain will help these companies by helping them to become DACs, Distributed Autonomous Companies. By being so, they can be more efficient in their work, yet also self-sustaining. Thus, they can run with less human management, and more so under the control of applied protocols. The shareholders, all aware of the protocol, ensure its well-being.

In a nutshell, as the Bitshares websites says: “Bitshares does for business what Bitcoin did for money.”

Why Invest In Bitshares?

  • It’s from the creator of EOS and Seem

  • It offers brand new, unseen features, like dynamic account permissions and Proof of Stake consensus and more

  • It plans to create price-stable cryptocurrencies

Bitshares Cost

Bitshares is yet another cryptocurrency that’s presently on the rise. It’s been popular for a long time, since its ongoing development has held such great promise.

Here’s how Bitshares faired over the last few months.


Value in USD

January 2014

July 2014

January 2015


July 2015


January 2016


July 2016


January 2017


July 2017



Bitshares has been in development for a few years, and recently, had some accomplishments. In March 2016, Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain as a Service added a Bitshares template.

How To Invest in Bitshares

If you want to get started with Bitshares, you can easily check our brokers page



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