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Pepperstone is one of the renowned forex trading brokers in the world with its headquarters in Australia. Started in 2010, the trading platform has grown immensely in a few years to have other branches for the Uk traders. It has also been registered on the Dubai Stock Exchanges to cement its place as a leading broker.

The trading platform is under various regulatory bodies that make it a secure place to trade.

With more than 76.5% of traders losing when trading in the platform, every trader needs this information to ensure informed decisions.


Trading on the site comes with the needed peace of mind as it highly regulated. Being an Australian company, the company is governed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The regulation allows for safety investment with proper protection. The EU traders also enjoy the safety net with the platform regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The regulator protects the traders of assets worth up to 85000 sterling Pounds.

The company has also, in recent times, got the licensing to trade in the Dubai Forex exchange that goes a long way in confirming its status as a global leader in forex trading.

The platform adheres to all the provisions like the anti-money laundering schemes and also fulfills the know-your-client procedures.




Australian Securities and Investments Commission

European Union

Financial Conduct Authority


Dubai Forex Exchange

Account Types

Pepperstone runs only two main accounts; razor and the standard account. The difference between the two accounts is the commission fee and the raw spread.

It provides for a leverage of 30:1 for the EU traders and 500:1 for the Australian users.

Both of the accounts come with similar features like 0.001 lots minimum trading size, minimum account opening balance of $20, and a maximum 100 lots trading size. The accounts also support several base currencies like JPY, EUR, USD, HKD, and CAD.

Pepperstone does not provide for minimum deposits for both accounts.




Razor and standard

Leverage for EU traders


Leverage fir Australian traders


Minimum lots trading size


Maximum lots trading size


Base currencies



Traders looking to develop their portfolio find Pepperstone as an ideal platform. With some of the lowest trading fees, the platform allows developers to trade without incurring much. The platform generally charges lower prices compared to the other brokers. With a leverage of 30:1 for index and 20:1 for stock index CFDs, the platform is ideal for traders looking to risk with better returns assured.

The site derives most of its fees from tight spreads and commissions. That is not to say it comes with higher spreads, with an average spread of 1.13 pips and a commission of 7 Euros for the razor accounts, the site is quite affordable. It also provides for a spread of 1.13 on the standard accounts of paired currencies.

Pepperstone charges low non-trading fees and doesn't charge activity and account fees that make it ideal for running a long-term account. It also provides free withdrawal to debit and credit accounts. Bank withdrawal is open for Australian and European clients. Otherwise, the traders from any other part of the world have to incur $20 withdrawal fees.  

Unlike the other trading platforms that tend to hide their fees, Pepperstone informs the traders of all the chargeable fees beforehand.



Lower trading fees

Costly to withdraw outside Australia or EU.

Ideal for both pro and amateur traders

Does not charge non-activity and account fees

Provides detailed fee information

Deposit and Withdrawal timeframes

Pepperstone is a reliable trading platform that provides for multiple deposit and withdrawal options. It supports deposits credit and debit cards, electronic money transfer, and several other payment methods. Several payment methods allow it to support several base currencies, including the USD, GBP, NZD, and HKD. Most of the deposits are instant except for bank transfers that might take up to 5 days.

The platform does not charge deposit fees. It is also free to withdraw money from the site for users in Australia and the European Union.  Users outside the regions have to incur $20 bank withdrawal fees.




Electronic, bank transfer, credit and debit cards.



Base currencies


Deposit fees


Transaction duration

Instantly except for bank transfer

Trading platforms

Pepperstone is a vibrant trading broker that provides all the major trading platforms like the Mt4, MT5N, and the cTrader. Of all the trading platforms, the MT4 has been the most successful due to its functionality and the high-end infrastructure. The platform provided by the MetaTrader is highly customizable and available in multiple languages.

The platform comes with an excellent customization utility such that traders can choose the tab size and positions depending on preference. It also provides search functionality that allows traders to locate assets quickly. Unlike the usual search with typing functionality, the one on the platform comes with groupings.

The site also provides for ease in placing orders. It accommodates several order placement functionalities with market, limit, and stop metrics. It also allows for good till canceled and good till time.

For the alerts and notifications, the site only allows it with the desktop version. With most traders conscious of their trading endeavors and returns, the site provides for clear portfolio and fee reports.

Even though the platform seems great for trading, it is a little outdated and might take some time to locate the less popular assets. It also comes with a one-step login that is less secure. Also, the site does not provide for price alerts that make it cumbersome to follow all the updates.



Multiple trading platforms

Poor login security


Supported, based on the market, limit and stop metrics

Search functionality

Lack of price alert

Supports both web and mobile Versions

Notification enabling

Market and Products

Pepperstone is a valuable trading platform with over 250 instruments in forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Even though the site majorly deals in forex, it allows for diversity due to the full range of assets it supports.

It offers assets in the form of popular crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. This is not all as it allows traders the liberty to branch into the many CFDs options. With over 15 indexes in CFDs and 64 equity CFDs, the platform is good enough for the amateur traders. Otherwise, professional traders might feel a little limited. It also provides for 61 currency pairs for forex trading that makes it an ideal trading platform.

The primary concern that comes with the product market of Pepperstone is the inability to change the leverage.



Trading instruments

250; forex, CFDs, commodities, and crypto

Popular cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

Currency pairings


Changing leverage

Not supported

Customer Service

Pepperstone comes with one of the most reliable customers support any trader can look for. First, it provides a well-managed site such that there is no need to support most of the time. However, if there is a need, they are available on several platforms. They provide a 24/5 accessible phone service, live chat, and email. Customer service is available in multiple languages like Russian, Thai, English, and several more.

The platform also has an extensive FAQ for most of the common concerns. It also runs active social media platforms and an online entry form

It typically replies all the written form messages within 24hours, which is a reliable turnaround time.



A well-managed site

Lacks 24/7 phone service

Multiple support options

Faster reply on written message

Social media presence

Easy to use online entry form

Research and Education Materials

Pepperstone is the leader when it comes to research and educational materials. It invests in high-quality materials and continuous research for several users. It has a dedicated research team with strategists for the latest developments in the trading world. It continually presents new information on trading opportunities users can rely on for current investments. It also collaborates with other top research firms like FX Evolution and BK Forex for the best research facilities and projects.

While the platform majors on automated trading, it also continuously looks for newer trading patterns and opportunities for the traders. The resources are ideal for both auto and manual traders.

Education-wise, the platform provides several in-depth learning materials for prospective traders. It provides for a wide range of educational materials in the form of webinars, informative articles, and a traditional glossary. The materials are provided depending on the assets one trades in.

Ultimately, the platform offers a demo account for the newbie traders to learn. It is the point where the learners can practice what they learn from the research and markets. It also helps them gauge their strengths to determine the section they are better off with.

The only downside to the education on the site is the lack of video content for all the sections. Only the forex trading has a video. It also lacks a trader's test after the studies to determine how much the user is ready for real money trading.



In-depth research

No video for all trading assets

Wide range of educational materials

Lacks leaners test after studies

Demo account

A traditional glossary for basic knowledge

Bottom Line

Any ardent trader understands the need for safety and returns when it comes to forex trading. While trading CFDs is quite risky, once a trader follows a platform's operations, it is quite breezy. Pepperstone is an ideal trading platform that comes with safety due to the two-tire regulations from respectable regulatory bodies. It also provides for several trading assets and proper educational resources.




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