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ICON (ICX) Review


January 30, 2018 | 

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Icon Review

The Group Daily Financial Group launched ICO in 2017 cryptocurrency ICON.

This is a South Korean ICO that was very well prepared before launch.

It should be noted that the total number of coins to be placed on the market is 400 230 000 ICX.

As of January 24, 2018, it traded around $ 7.94 and its capitalization was about $ 3 billion.

The goal of ICON is to overcome the technological and commercial limitations faced by other Blockchains.

Thus ICON will allow a real hyperconnectivity between all blockchain.

What are the particularities of ICON?

The motto of ICON is: "the world without a central point and the world where every point is a simple connection to other points."

ICON is therefore a cryptocurrency connector between them, via the different Blockchain. But it is also a cryptocurrency connector with the real world.

As a result, ICON has implemented its own Blockchain technology and offers it to different industrial communities.

For example, for capital markets, insurance, universities or health care.

Thanks to the particularity of the ICON channel, these communities can solve existing inefficiencies and create links between different communities.


ICON technology

ICON Blockchain technology was developed by Theloop and is a loopchain.

It allows the verification of signatures without the intermediary of a third party.

In addition, it serves the environment of executing smart contracts on the chain.

The ICON white paper gives an example of its application in the real world:

"A Korean investor should be able to trade Apple shares in real time with US equity investors. While a diabetes specialist in a Korean hospital can study patients in Sydney and London hospitals. "

In other words, blockchains can be interconnected and exchange data via ICX tokens.

This entire network has been named Nexus.

The ICON Wallet

Thanks to the future wallet of ICON, which will be named ICONex, and which is in full launch, it will be possible to transfer and exchange currencies in real time.

In addition, this portfolio can be used in everyday life, thanks to its network including banks,

The team

The management team consists of eight members. All possessing a great experience in the field of new technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Here are some examples:

Don Tapscott.

It is a global authority on the economic and social impact of technology. In this capacity, he is the advisor to senior executives of companies and governments. He has written many books, including one that refers to "Blockchain revolution". In addition he created the Blockchain Research Institute.

Jason Best

He is co-founder and director of the Crowdfund Capital Advisor (CAA).

It has been rated by Forbes.com as one of the ten most influential people in crowdfunding.

Other team members: Ismaïl Malik, who has more than twenty years of experience in the field of new technologies. He created the world's first Blockchain Lab.

The other members of the management are Yseul Cho, Simon Kim Seojoon, Eddy Travia, Jehan Chu and Paul Veradihakit.

Six other people are on the board of the foundation. As for the Blockchain department, there are fifteen members of great experience. Ten other personalities are involved in security, marketing, etc.

Where can I buy ICON?

ICON can be bought and traded on Huobi or Binance.

Since January 2018, ICON has signed a partnership in Seoul with the KyberNetwork exchange.

In this regard, J.H. Kim, advised by the foundation, said:

"The token exchange system is a key component of the inter-blockchain ecosystem; Token trading between independent blockchains is one of our ongoing business goals. Our partnership with KyberNetwork brings us closer to interchain chip trading. Later, we hope to connect and support other blockchains and tokens, eventually taking the place of the current centralized trading system. "

ICON projects

Among the projects announced in December by ICON, one of them has just been realized (January 24, 2018). This is the creation of the Genesis Block of the ICON Mainnet Network.

As one of the team members explains:

"The launch of mainnet is a giant step towards realizing our vision - Hyperconnect the World. Obviously, this is great news for our team and our community. However, we would like to remind you that this is just the beginning, that there is still a lot of work to be done and that subsequent announcements will follow. The ICON team will continue to test and monitor the network until the official opening of ICON Mainnet for the publication of the ICX Wallet. "

Then, on January 31, the annual summit of ICON is scheduled: Genesis. It is at this summit that the new DApps services of the network will be presented.

Interested parties will be able to follow the event live on the ICON blog and newsletter.


ICON is a brand new crypto currency with great promise in the real world. As it is still in its infancy, we advise you to follow closely its evolution which seems promised to a good future.




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