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March 22, 2021 | 

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FXVC is an established Forex broker that offers the fastest execution in the industry. Apparently, it was founded by professionals and that’s enough to gain our interest. We won’t lie, when a team of Forex veterans stand behind a broker, we expect top-notch technology and impeccable service. So, let’s see if that’s what we are going to get.


The best way to start this FXVC review is to talk about regulation for a little bit. You’d be happy to hear that FXVC is a regulated broker. It is authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and operated under license No.238/14

But why is a license so important? Does it change anything? It most certainly does. The regulation provides us with additional security. It means our funds are safe and secured alongside our personal data. So, you can trade peacefully without thinking about a potential scam. Nothing like that will happen at FXVC.

As a matter of fact, you can see a whole list of authorized states on the website. Not only this broker is legitimate, but it’s transparent as well. We have a winning combination and we hope things will remain on the same level once we move onto other segments of this broker’s business.


Aside from regulation, there are certain things each broker has to implement on the website to ensure the security of its clients. The first thing would be an SSL certificate. FXVC has one, of course, and with it your personal data is secured. Also, we saw this broker has two-factor authentication and an Identity Verification process for each withdrawal. You can never be too cautious, so we appreciate all those security steps that are a part of FXVC.

Trading Platform and Mobile Optimisation

MetaTrader is an excellent platform for trading, but let’s be honest. We are all a bit tired of that solution. Sometimes, the only thing we want to see is a fresh and unusual platform and that’s exactly what FXVC offers.

This is a web-based platform that doesn’t require an additional download. You will be able to trade from any device just with the browser. It’s optimised and it works on mobile, tablet and computers, so you can trade even while you are not at home.

The platform is user-friendly, and you will be able to navigate through it like a pro without any problems. You might need a day or two to organise everything since this is a fully customisable platform, but once you do that, everything will be arranged according to your preferences.

We have to mention some details that surprised us because that’s how a broker shows they really take good care of clients. The left part of the platform contains small icons and they are dedicated to accounting management. So, you don’t have to exit the page to contact support, deposit money or request a withdrawal. Everything is just one click away.

As you can see, FXVC works on design but practicality also. Even if you don’t have a single day of experience, with this broker you will be able to manage everything. And as a cherry on the cake, you can access the platform and try to customise it even before you open an account. This is the best way to see if FXVC is a perfect fit for you.

Customer Service Quality

Speaking of customer service quality, we have to mention a few things that we expect to see each time. Responsiveness, politeness and informative representatives. That’s all we ask for. When it comes to responsiveness, FXVC offers four different methods and all of them are available from Monday to Friday 06:00 – 20:00 GMT. This is not bad at all, since we tested two of those methods and received instant replies (we sent a message within the working hours).

FXVC allows its clients to use the online form (it’s easy, convenient and ensures fast reply), email option, phone call (three different phone lines are available) and Live Chat. As we already said, we tested two methods just to be sure this broker provides fast replies. The online form was our first choice and Live Chat was the second.

With Live Chat, things go very fast. You just have to add your name and email and that’s it. One of the representatives will greet you and the conversation can begin. According to our experience, you can ask them anything that’s related to trading. If you cannot find something on the website or you got confused by some conditions, they will explain everything. All you have to do is ask.

Overall, our experience is great. We got an answer to every question that we asked, and we didn’t have to wait a long time for that. Within just a couple of minutes an agent joined the chat, he was very polite, and we felt like FXVC really puts its clients in the first place, just as it should be.

FXVC Asset List

FXVC offers over 200 tradable assets and each client gets a full selection, no matter the account. Once you go to the trading platform page, you will be able to choose between different asset classes such as Indices, Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities. The selection is totally up to you and your preferences but let us say something, this is a tradable asset list that you won’t see everywhere.

First of all, the amount of 200 assets is incredible. But the thing that gained the most of our attention is cryptocurrencies. Usually, a broker offers Bitcoins and Ethereum. Well, not this time. With FXVC you can choose between Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Needless to say, this is one of the most amazing offers we have ever seen and that deserves a straight-A from us. So, if you like to have the possibility to choose from different categories, FXVC is the right broker for you.

Payment Methods and Fees

A while ago, we were talking about the transparency this broker provides. Well, we have come to the part where that transparency can shine the best. There is a separate page on the website that’s dedicated just to Payments and Fees. There, you can see the complete list and let us tell you, we were more than surprised with it.

First of all, this broker made sure that clients have a good selection and a possibility to choose according to their preferences. To most traders, this is extremely important, and we won’t lie, this is what we want to see always. If a broker is not ready to provide multiple choices to its clients, it doesn’t satisfy our criteria. That’s the most basic thing we always follow.

In this case, clients can choose between Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro), PayPal, Wire Transfer, eWallet and ten more options. Every payment method offers instant deposits, except Wire Transfer that takes from two to five business days. For withdrawals, you have to wait a bit longer (up to 24 hours). We can all agree those 24 hours are nothing, especially if we keep in mind that each withdrawal request has to go through the Identity Verification process.

Deposits are commission-free no matter the payment method. You can choose a Credit Card, eWallet or Wire Transfer and you won’t pay a single cent for that. Of course, things are different with withdrawals, but this is the part that surprised us the most. Although clients need to pay certain fees once they decide to withdraw funds, those fees are extremely low compared to other brokers.

The minimum fee is 35 (EUR/USD/GBP) and that’s valid for every method. The best thing of all, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees since all of them are listed on the website. With FXVC there are no negative surprises and that’s a thing we respect the most.

Bottom Line

We could go on and on about FXVC and the service this broker offers, but we will stop right here. After everything you read today, it’s not hard to conclude this broker climbed to the first place on our top brokers list and as it looks like, it will stay there for a while.

FXVC offers incredible conditions, combined with a license that ensures our safety. So, we cannot see any reason why you should skip it. We believe that the search for the best broker ends here and FXVC can proudly take this title. After all, it deserves it the most.



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