DASH Review

What Is DASH coin?

Dash coin is yet another open-source cryptocurrency, not unlike Bitcoin. However, it offers some advanced features, such as:

-InstantSend transactions

-PrivateSend transactions

It is a completely decentralized, self-sufficient cryptocurrency. With Dash, people can easily make transactions. The goal of Dash is to add contacts to your account and pay them directly by name, and to pay merchants via one click. Dash is meant to be a fast and simple digital cash.

History of DASH

Dash came about in 2014. Soon after its arrival on the digital currency scene, it took on a different name: “Darkcoin.” Darkcoin became Dash yet again a short time later. Dash was created by Evan Duffield. Due to its coding, it was a particularly straightforward digital currency to mine, and many were quickly mined.

Despite its affiliation with the “dark” side of the internet, Dash maintained a top place on the digital currency scene. Additionally, Dash staff have been impressively successful in beating some of the most challenging problems.

How DASH Works

One particularly interesting aspect of Dash is how they hope to greatly contribute to the future of digital currency. According to their website, they are hoping to make it easier for everyone to use digital cash. Among their goals is to make digital currency accessible to all.

Dash works via blockchain system much like Bitcoin. For Dash to exist, they must be mined. You can find detailed data on mining stats and progress at Dash’s home website.

Why Invest in DASH?

Dash is an exciting cryptocurrency because it has a real future focus. Here’s why you might consider investing.

  • Dash focuses on being accessible and practical to the public. This means there’s a chance it will be used widely.
  • It’s user friendly
  • Technology is advanced
  • Transactions function at high speed


Dash has rapidly gained momentum, appreciating in value to beat out some of the major cryptocurrencies today.



Value in USD

January 2015


July 2015


January 2016


July 2016


January 2017


July 2017


DASH Merchants

Dash is much like Litecoin, in that there are many merchants who make use of it. A list of businesses that transact with Dash is listed on their website. Here are some examples.

And many others.

How To Invest in Dash

If you’re ready to get started investing or transacting with Dash, you may do so on their website, by getting an online Dash wallet. Otherwise, there are many online exchanges that sell Dash. These include Bitfinex, Kraken, or Poloniex. If you hold multiple assets and would prefer to buy and sell Dash along with your other investments, then consider using a popular brokerage where Dash is sold, such as Bit Panda or Magnetic Exchange. Finally, Dash can be found “over the counter” at destinations such as Wall of Coins. For full listings, she the Dash website and click on “Get Dash.”