Copay Review

Copay’s portfolio is open source and multi-signature, which prevents unauthorized payments by requiring multiple approvals.

What’s special about this is that you can share your funds with other users, for a company or a family for example.

Here are some uses you can have with Copay and other users:

With Copay you can track expenses, manage funds and expenses for a company, club or organization

It allows the creation and management of multiple portfolios.

Security and intuitive multi-signature for personal or shared portfolios.

Easy payment request for shared portfolios and for group payments.

For user security, all private keys are stored locally, not in the cloud

It allows synchronous access on all major mobile and desktop platforms.

 find payments through the protocol (BIP70-BIP73): payment requests are easily identifiable and bitcoins payments are secure and verifiable.

you will find more than 150 currencies and denomination of unit in BTC or in bits

It has an e-mail notifications for payments and transfers.

Portfolio name is customizable

4 languages ​​are supported (EN, JP, FR, ES)

Copay is free and open source software, so there’s no need to rely on a company for ongoing support. Anyone can review or contribute to Copay’s source code on GitHub (