Coinbase Broker Review

Before giving you the characteristics of the Coinbase platform, a little reminder.

There are several kinds of platforms.

Some allow you to buy virtual currencies by exchanging against your currencies such as dollars or euro, then you must transfer them to your digital wallet wallet.

Others only allow you to exchange Bitcoins for other crypto currencies. That is, you must first buy Bitcoins, then pass them on this kind of platform and then you can redeem them for other virtual currencies.

There are also platforms that offer all the possibilities of a stock exchange, that is to say that you can buy, sell, make transfers or speculate by placing orders. Then you can transfer your virtual currencies to your wallet or leave them in your account.

Finally there are traders who only allow you to speculate on virtual currencies without actually owning them, and using or not using leverage. You can only withdraw your earnings in conventional currency.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the largest Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin brokers.

Founded in 2012

its head office is in Sans Francisco, in the United States and its investors are trusted.

It is regulated in the United States and has a license.

It is possible on this platform to buy crypto currencies with a bank card or by SEPA transfer.

available in 32 languages including French.

also offers wallet and API for developers.

He has several kinds of safe.

An online wallet: as a bank account available on computer or mobile, which is interesting for small sums or daily transactions but less for storage. The physical safe, reserved for larger sums, protected by several approvers. This storage is offline and is in real safes spread out in several places. The multisignature safe. It’s a wallet or key is to the account holder, the second to Coinbase and the third is shared between the owner and Coinbase. Which means that the key is encrypted with your password and stored by you and Coinbase. Sending or receiving coins between two wallets is free.

What are the advantages of Coinbase?

The use of Coinbase is easy and in many languages. You can buy instantly with your credit card, for transfers it takes between 1 and 3 days. The fees are low and the ceiling is adjustable and high.

The disadvantages of Coinbase

Their method of payment is limited.

Customer service is only in English.