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Top 10 Undervalued Cryptos For You to Look After

Undervalued Cryptos

June 19, 2020 | 

JOHN K MWANIKI |  1 Comments| 



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Every investor is always looking for a return on investments. Even though one of the most reliable places to invest, the crypto world comes with severe volatility making it hard to settle on a particular coin. The best way to choose an asset is to look for an undervalued one then watch it grow.

Out of the thousands of the crypto coins, settling on the best one becomes such a task. That is where this article comes in. Instead of you having to look around for books and other tons of information, some of which you won’t understand, this piece makes it more accessible. It looks into the possibility of a coin growth based on market performance, applications, and developers' reputation.  

After thorough considerations, these are the top 10 undervalued cryptos for you to look after;

1.    Bitcoin 

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with the largest market share. The value of the coin is ever on a spiral. The currency is already accepted by most of the financial institutions as other businesses are looking to adopt it as a payment method. 

With a market capitalization of $150bn, no other coin seems to come close to Bitcoin as the undisputable world crypto coin leader.

After all the success and market capitalization, you might be wondering why Bitcoin is still undervalued. First, Bitcoin is an active coin with an ever-present bear and bull run. It implies that the price can always shoot to unprecedented levels. Most financial institutions and other world investors trust Bitcoin due to its inability to be affected by the traditional economy.

The coin has also introduced a second layer of security and is always gaining traction. Lastly, the currency implements halving after some time that increases its value. 

2.    Ethereum

Even though it values less than Bitcoin, Ethereum has cemented its place as the leading smart contract utility platform. After popularizing the Initial Coin Offering model of crowdfunding, the coin has maintained its position as the second most valuable crypto in the world. It currently has a market capitalization of $19bn. 

Some of the reasons why this coin is undervalued are that it uses the easily scalable smart contract. Several financial instruments already support it, making it an excellent option to use. Its developers are looking for solutions to its scalability issues like side-chain and stake mechanism solutions. Ultimately, the coin is set to release an Ethereum 2.0 that assures better solutions. 

3.    Holo (HOT)

Formed in 2018, Holo is one of the newest coins in this list. It has fast built a reputation in the crypto world as a valuable coin due to its cross-chain use. It has a scalable network that is more agent-oriented than data-oriented. It allows the agent to develop and host DApps on their systems while making money from it.

The coin is undervalued due to the lower trading levels. With a market capitalization of $104m, the currency still has a brighter future. It has a team of reputable developers always looking for ways to improve it. Lastly, it has a detailed green paper that details its growth plan. So far, it seems right on track. 


Cardano is where science and technology meet to form an incredible cryptocurrency. The coin is created by some of the world's leading researchers, business people, and engineers looking to find some solutions to the existing crypto coins defects. The currency is all about security, scalability, and sustainability. It uses a proof-of-stake consensus that allows for the smooth introduction of better features and scalability.

The coin is highly undervalued since its high quality and ever-improving features make it one standout among the rest. It operates on the same system as Ethereum with even better features. The team is also ever looking or ways to improve it, giving it better chances of growth. 

The coin is highly traded in Japan, one of the countries that look to set the pace for the crypto adoption in the mainstream economies. It also has an interoperability feature that makes it ideal for mass adoption. 

5.    ChainLink (LINK)

While offline and online blockchain technology is different in operational worlds, they need each other for data and other services. The only concern is that they cannot connect in their natural state. That is where Chainlink comes in. 

The coin provides a platform for smart contracts to communicate with external resources. It executes oracles to match the external data with the most trusted smart contracts. 

Some of the reasons why the coin is undervalued are its ever-increasing adoption by users on both online and offline platforms. The decentralized offline world is yet to fully embrace the oracle technology allowing it space for more growth. 

6.    Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT is a high-value cryptocoin that seeks to streamline the digital advertisement industry. It aims to eliminate intermediaries and other fraudulent activities for higher revenues to the advertisers and content creators. The coin has already one of the most functional browsers, Brave, that comes with advanced security features. 

Some of the reasons the coin is undervalued are due to its growing adoption. Even though still under development, the currency has already attracted several digital advertisers looking to gain from its solutions. It also can integrate with other DApps that open it for more acquisition. Ultimately, the development team is always looking for ways to increase functionality. 

7.    Steem (STEEM)

Imagine social media on a blockchain platform. That is essentially what STEEM is, albeit for sharing and storing immutable content. It allows users to participate in proof-of-brain (POB) where they get to curate different content. The users are then awarded the token. 

Steem is one of the fastest cryptos as it generates three blocks every second. It is also quite efficient due to the proof-of-stake protocol. 

The token is highly undervalued due to its ever-expanding features. Its developers' team is currently looking to include a Smart Media Token protocol to help in the monetization of websites, apps, and other online tools. It also has a vibrant community that is ever-growing, allowing it space for growth.

8.    Tron (TRX)

Tron is the fastest-growing DApps platform with a market capitalization of $1.06bn. The coin has leveraged the power of blockchain to make it easy to create apps without unnecessary regulations. It provides a virtual machine compatible with that of the Ethereum. It means that the Ethereum users can quickly adopt it. 

The coin is undervalued due to its high-stake marketing and technological development features. Its high-level functionality also means developers are always looking to it as one of the best platforms. It provides reliable programming tools for developers and a better revenue plan. 

9.    Ripple 

watch ripple

Even though the crypto world is ever-growing, it is still not self-sustainable away from the fiat currency economy. Ripple is a vital settlement option that works best for both worlds. It is highly accepted by the traditional banking system. 

While mostly trading at its lowest, any massive growth in the coin is likely to bring enormous profits. 

The coin is undervalued due to the possibility of it rising from its lowest value trading. It is also accepted in both the blockchain and the offline technology hence a vital token. It also has a well-developed framework that allows for development. 

10.    Fusion (FSN)

Fusion is one of the newest crypto platforms looking to connect the on-chain with the off-chain world. With a market capitalization of $16m, the coin has the space to grow due to its cross-organizational and database smart contracts. 

Some of the reasons why the coin is undervalued are the potential of adaption. The ability to allow cross-chain asset swaps means it can be a hit in both the online and offline worlds. It also has a distributed control right management on the site. It has a distributed private key storage system that makes it harder to access the codes hence better security. 

Fusion is also yet to invest in all-out marketing, meaning it still has a huge market to cover. 

Bottom Line 

Now that you have this list, you don't have to spend years looking for an assured investment. Looking at the list, you discover it has diverse options. It has already established as well as the new coins. 

It also incorporates coins of different applications and operating platforms. Ultimately, they all provide for the opportunity for growth in value and are sound investments.

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