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Top 10 Master Minds Behind Cryptos

crypto masterminds

November 3, 2020 | 

JOHN K MWANIKI |  0 Comments| 



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The cryptocurrency world has taken over the world is taking over finances. What decades ago seemed like a fallacy is now becoming mainstream. These developments, not most people knew were possible. The only guiding force behind them were the masterminds.

Most of the masterminds believed in the crypto projects when it seemed futile. For that, they have been the force behind the digital currencies' massive growth. They have put in the hours and the resources for their success. 

Here is the list of the top 10 masterminds behind the blockchain digital currencies;

1.    Satoshi Nakamoto

Even though the world doesn't know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, they do know his influence. You have to give it to the mysterious Bitcoin developer. The world doesn't know whether Satoshi is a female, male, or group. Still, the invention of Bitcoin remains the most revolutionary in recent times. 

Satoshi Nakamoto built the Bitcoin protocol, which changed the prospect of Bitcoin technology. It dawned on the world that finances can become decentralized. The developer also left behind a detailed whitepaper. The document has been the guiding force for most other crypto projects.

Bitcoin remains the biggest crypto project, as Satoshi, a crucial cryptocurrency figure. 

2.    Vitalik Buterin 

Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum. He is a Russian-Canadian programmer whose idea became Ethereum. While Bitcoin has been great as a means of exchange, Ethereum works best as the support system. 

Ethereum has revolutionized the creation of decentralized apps. It provides a platform for developers. It has also been instrumental in the decentralized finances (Defi) boom

Vitalik is also the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. It is one of the leading and trustworthy crypto information sites. Still, Vitalik started Ethereum through Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This ushered in a new era of organizational fundraising. 

3.    Changpeng Zhao 

Changpeng Zao is the founder of Binance. The leading Bitcoin exchange has been instrumental in mass access to virtual currencies

Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, started as an IT personnel at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He then became a trading specialist at Bloomberg. The role that allowed him to gain trading agility. He used the experience to make Binance a dominant exchange within three months. He then became a billionaire within six months. He remains one of the wealthiest figures in cryptocurrencies.

He is also a member of the Blockchain.info team. He has also amassed a huge following online. He uses the online platform to educate crypto enthusiasts. 

4.    Pavel Durov 

Pavel Durov is the founder of VK and Telegram. At the age of 22, Durov launched the VK social networking site. He yet had to leave due to disagreement with the shareholders. This allowed him the space to launch another mega site, Telegram. 

The site was already worth $1billion by the end of 2017. This made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs. 

Durov came to the limelight when Telegram announced the launch of a cryptocurrency. This was to become the safest and most reliable digital currency. The GRAM project would also allow developers to create decentralized applications.

The project attracted more than $1.7b from over 170 investors. This was for the Gram cryptocurrency and TON blockchain platform. It still has had several regulatory hurdles. Telegram ended up dropping the project

5.    David A. Marcus 

David A. Marcus is the director of Libra. The former director of PayPal looks to power an ambitious digital currency project. Facebook's Libra is a stablecoin with its value pegged to fiat currencies. It was set to launch in 2020 but faced regulatory issues

David has been instrumental in the crypto industry. His expertise helped him become a board member at Coinbase crypto exchange. 

6.    Charlie Lee 

Charlie Lee is a Japanese computer scientist. He is the creator of Litecoin, the third cryptocurrency launched. 

He liked Bitcoin so much that he took to studying it. The knowledge led him to create Litecoin, the first altcoin. He was by then working at Coinbase exchange. He had to quit to concentrate on the open-source crypto.

Charlie has since become one of the most influential crypto industry figures. He has a massive social media following who depend on his expertise. 

7.    Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong is the founder of crypto exchange, Coinbase. Brian has been a massive tech enthusiast since his early days. He studies different programming languages before getting degrees in computer science and economics.

He received venture capital funding in 2012 to start Coinbase. An exchange which has since grown to be one of the most popular. The exchange's mobile app became the most downloaded app in the US during the 2017 crypto boom.

8.    Roger Ver

Roger Ver is a certified crypto legend. The Bitcoin.com CEO found out about Bitcoin in 2011. He then started investing while also advertising the currency. He would post billboards and train schoolchildren about blockchain technology. He even distributed free tokens. He, in the process, earned the popular name 'Bitcoin Jesus.'

Ver is one of the top supporters of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin's fork. He believes Bitcoin Cash has taken the growth path intended for Bitcoin. He is particular about blockchain sizes and transaction speeds. 

9.    Alex Reinhardt 

The founder of PLATINCOIN, Alex Reinhardt, is an inspirational crypto figure. The serial entrepreneur and venture investors from Germany have founded over ten projects. These IT and Fintech companies have been so successful. Combined, they have a market capitalization of over $200m.

The entrepreneur had to beat a tough childhood to become the celebrated figure he is today. His creation, PLATINCOIN, is one of the most important in the sector. It ensures easy crypto access to everyone across the world.

10.    Brandon Chez 

Brandon Chez is the founder of the most popular crypto aggregators, Coinmarketcap. The site uses data from different exchanges to determine a cryptocurrency value. It allows users to know of market capitalization, circulation, and trade volume.

Coinmarketcap is so important that it once caused a decline in almost all cryptos by 15%. This was after delisting South Korean exchanges

Bottom Line 

The crypto world has been growing over the past years. Several figures have been instrumental in such growth. Of them all, these ten have been the leading lights in the sector. They are the top experts and investors upon which most crypto inventions come.

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