Sergey Brin: Ethereum in the Heart of the “Technological Renaissance”

Sergey Brin, co-founder of one of the most gigantic companies in the world, recently made an announcement for investors. For the co-founder of Google, the sequence over the past 10 years, various events in the digital world, led to a situation that could be likened to a “Technological Renaissance”. And in this new era, Ethereum would have a leading role to hold according to Sergey Brin.


When the Co-Founder of Google is Interested in Ethereum

In the letter addressed to the investors, Sergey Brin at first, highlighted the following observation: “it does not happen a month without new applications, or new innovative techniques are born”. From this perspective, it is now undeniable that we are in a real era of technological renaissance. In addition, this is an exciting and exciting time when we have the opportunity to see various applications of these new technologies in almost every segment of our society.

For Sergey Brin, Ethereum must be given some credit for its contribution to this new era. Ethereum played a particularly important role as optimizing the operation of this platform required better quality graphics cards. And in turn, the quest continues to satisfy. This demand has made it possible to develop even more powerful machines.

A Combination of Several Elements

Several factors would explain the computer boom we are witnessing at the moment. According to the co-founder of Google, the first cause would find its explanation in Moore’s law. As for the second, it is due to the fact that the demand for more and more powerful graphics cards has continued to climb. And for good reason, consensus algorithms of the “Proof Of Work” type are very popular among gigantic communities supporting the most important crypto-currencies on the market (Ethereum and others).

However, the third and most important cause is undoubtedly the profound change we have witnessed in the learning and empowerment of machines. The latter has significantly increased throughout the last ten years. And this has been made possible by the development of more and more powerful processors.


This improvement of processors has itself been a major boost for the development of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence was at the heart of Sergey Brin’s communication to investors. Google has indeed implemented, which is most likely, one of the most complex autonomous learning algorithms in the world to organize search results. But for the co-founder of the company, its use also extends to areas such as:

  • Analyzing and understanding images in Google Photos
  • the translation of more than a hundred languages via google translate
  • the suggestion of short answers to e-mails
  • the discovery of new planetary systems
  • and many other sectors …

Huge future prospects

During the last decades, the combination of a certain number of technological advances has given birth to a set of tools that will ultimately have extended the intelligence as well as the fields of competence of the Man.

Machines (robots) have been developed with basic memory made possible by computer chips. These machines now have the ability to feel, be aware and interact with their environment via sensors, wi-fi communication capability, and decision making via smart contracts based on blockchain technology.
This configuration combined with a potentially peaceful global climate suggests that we are about to enter a golden age never seen before by the human species.

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