Is Ryan Gosling a part timer in MIROSKII cryptocurrency’s team?

The cryptocurrency community is actually baffling about an ICO startup with an unusual member in their crew, and it’s no one else but Ryan Gosling. Before jumping to conclusions and deduce that Hollywood isn’t as lucrative as it was before, the crypto-community decided to investigate about this peculiar case, and you will not believe what they found out.

Who is Kevin Belanger from MIROSKII?

New cryptocurrencies are becoming public nearly on a daily basis, and it turns out that MIROSKII is part of the newcomers. At first, it appears to be like every normal and honest ICO company that you can easily find on the internet. But as you scroll down on their website page, you can see a familiar face in their crew member, which is quite unexpected for a seemingly brand new cryptocurrency that no one knows about (yet).

Above the name of Kevin Belanger, you can see a picture of the actor Ryan Gosling, who operates as an “experienced” graphic designer in the company’s team. For some reasons such as privacy, some people don’t like to show their face on the web, and often chose to use famous people’s pictures instead. However, it’s kind of delicate to do that in the context of a professional website, where your employer could easily spot it’s not you on the picture. Unless, could it be possible that it is the real Ryan gosling?

Jackson Palmer to unveil the truth about the ICO Company

We wouldn’t know about the MIROSKII cryptocurrency company if Jackson Palmer, the founder of Dogecoin, didn’t found this information suspicious. After a few clicks, he discovered that not only Kevin Belanger was using a stock photo of an actor, every crew member of the ICO Company also was doing the same as well. We thus have a startup whose crew is made out of people pretending to be someone else, and of whom you can’t insure their real identities.

The information was relayed quickly on Twitter, and screenshots have been taken from the website before it would unavoidably be shut down. It’s a sad truth that such fake companies are launched with chances to succeed, simply because too many people don’t pay attention enough to the smallest details. MIROSKII claimed to have raised $833 000 so far, and if it’s true, it’s a disaster.


Scams are everywhere, so be careful

MIROSKII is still low-ranked on the most dangerous cryptocurrencies scams you may come across on the internet. Among the riskiest, there spoofing, which consists in an identity thief of existing ICOs and exchanges websites. It’s nearly impossible to differentiate a fake website at first glance, but you can easily do it if you pay attention to details such as the way the website’s URL is written and its level of safety (do they provide https?).

With spoofing only, nearly 30 000 investors has lost up to $225 million in 2017, and they didn’t stop their activities last year. All you can do is to be careful, and think twice before engaging your money into a cryptocurrency, especially when the offer is too good to be true.

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