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Neo Review


January 16, 2018 | 

Joanna Newman |  0 Comments | 



What is Neo?

Neo was created in 2014.

This is an open source Blockchain that began its journey under the name Antshares, ANS. The transition from ANS to NEO wanted to mark the progress made by the project since phases 1 and 2 of its ICO.

But it was not until 2016 that she published her white paper that was supposed to give the details of her project.

The main feature of this Blockchain is to give people around the world the opportunity to collaborate economically.

The NEO team

The NEO team

It is the company Onchain which developed the platform NEO.

It should be noted that Onchain is a Chinese company based in Shanghai.

Its CEO is Da Hongfei and he is the one behind the NEO project.

The co-founder of NEO is Eric Zhang and around them is a team of twenty people to support the development of NEO.


Objectives of NEO

The goal of NEO is to enable the exchange of commercial value, virtual or otherwise, instantaneously and around the world.

We can therefore exchange crypto currencies, but also other real assets converted into a digital form.

Thus on the NEO platform it is possible to transfer, exchange or negotiate all kinds of assets

How does NEO work?

The operating principle of NEO is simple.

An asset owner deposits and registers assets on the platform.

Then, these goods can be exchanged by peer and this, thanks to smart contracts 2.0. of the platform.

Once the products have been registered, all functions are possible: supply chain financing, loans, crowdfunding or share ownership plans. In addition, all these functions can be done from a computer or smartphone.

In fact, all NEO customers are connected to one smart economy.

The particularity of NEO lies in the fact that it allows several Blockchain to interact. She has also obtained a patent for this innovation.

In addition, NEO uses several programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, Kotlin, Go, Python, C #, or Java. This allows programmers to write their contracts in the language of their choice.

Finally, NEO supports smart contracts as well as decentralized applications, which gave it the nickname of Chinese Ethereum.

But compared to Ethereum, we can say that security has been improved and the design of Smart Contracts is superior to its competitor.

It is also more user-friendly and its speed has also been improved. As a result, the transaction time is significantly reduced.

In addition, the law supports these digital certificates and therefore guarantees the ownership of the assets.

Another particularity of NEO, it is the digital contracts which replace the tokens.

The price of NEO

In 2017, after NEO's partnerships with Microsoft and Alibaba, investors rushed to NEO.

He then took 2000%!

Today, (January 2018), its price is trading around 154 $. And its capitalization is 10.04 billion $.

More specifically, its sale took place in two phases: the first in October 2015, and the second in August 2016.

During the first phase, NEO collected 2100 BTC, and in the second phase, 8220 BTC. This represents a total of $ 5.05 million.

In addition, 100 million tokens were available.

40 million were distributed at the ICO. Then 17.5 million in phase 1, and 22.5 million in phase 2.

Finally, another 10 million were reserved for developers. As for the remaining 50 million, they are reserved for premiums and investments.

In addition, it is possible to redistribute only 15 million chips per year.

It should be noted that the only utility of the NEO tokens is to be able to vote as a node and to confirm transactions on the Blockchain.

But NEOs are also used to buy Antcoins, ANC.

So when someone registers assets on the platform, they will have to buy ANCs first and then use them for the transactions.

It can also be specified that the stock exchanges supporting NEO are mainly Bittrex, Yunbi, Binance and Yuanbo.

Finally, NEO is one of the most capitalized crypto currencies in the world.

NEO projects

In addition to its partnerships with giants Microsoft and Alibaba, NEO has partnered with Bancor. This is a decentralized platform of chips that allowed him to raise $ 150 million with an ICO last June.

In addition Binance and Coindash will use NEO smart contracts for their future integrations.

To take another example, NestFund was built using NEO smart contracts.

But the most important aspect is probably that NEO is working closely with the Chinese government to map assets in the real world.

NEO has the ambition to dominate the Blockchain industry in China.

Finally, the Western Blockchain industry is increasingly interested in NEO as the only Blockchain project in China.


Obviously, NEO deserves our attention.

For, among other things, if the ICOs manage to create a craze in China as was already the case in Europe, this could represent a real chance for NEO. It will then be the Chinese decentralized applications platform. Thanks to its improved functions as well as throughput and scalability, NEO could really become the Chinese Ethereum.



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