Cryptocurrencies have increased their earnings by 170% over 12 months!

Since the beginning of 2018, crypto currencies have suffered significant losses. Yet, if we analyze the price of the top ten of them in 12 months, their average earnings are not so bad. Since May 28, 2017, the top ten virtual currencies have seen their prices rise by an average of 170%! It would seem that for cryptocurrencies too, the patient is a mother of all virtues …

The Bitcoin gains are around 240% in 12 months.

In one year, Bitcoin saw its price triple, with a value as we go to press, of 7347.42 USD.
If we go back to May 28, 2017, we notice that its price was then 2173 USD. Its market capitalization was $ 35.5 billion.
Today, it is four times larger, with 125 billion dollars. Bitcoin remains the champion of all categories of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.


The performances of Ethereum

On the same date, Ethereum was at the beginning of a parabolic climb and was trading around $ 400. A few weeks earlier, its price was $ 100 and its market capitalization was $ 15.78 billion. Since then, Ethereum has grown 242% and is trading around 586 USD. It remains in second place in the top 10 crypto currencies. Its market capitalization is currently $ 58.5 billion.

The performance of Ripple (XRP)

Now let’s go to Ripple.
As of May 28, 2017, Ripple was in third position by market capitalization.
At the time, this capitalization was $ 8.8 billion.
At the time we go to press, Ripple is trading around $ 0.606 and its market capitalization is $ 23.75 billion.
Ripple gained 162.75% since it was trading at $ 0.231 a year ago.


Low performance for XEM

In May 2017, XEM was the fourth crypto currency on the market in terms of market capitalization.
This capitalization was $ 2 billion.
Today it painfully reaches $ 2.327 billion and is therefore in fifteenth position.
The price increase was only 20.75%, from 0.214 USD to 0.258 USD.

Ethereum Classic is in the red.

Among the ten largest virtual currencies on May 28, 21017, Ethereum Classic is there alone to see seen its price drop.
It has fallen by about 10%: its price has risen from 16.95 USD last year to 15.28 USD today.
Its market capitalization also decreased slightly from 1.559 billion dollars to 1.557.

Litecoin achieved the best earnings

LTC est la crypto monnaie ayant engendré le plus fort pourcentage de gains.
Elle est parmi les plus importantes monnaies virtuelles par capitalisation et reste en sixième position.
Son prix est passé de 25,38 USD en Mai 2017, à 118 USD aujourd’hui, ce qui représente une hausse de 365%!
Sa capitalisation totale est 6,7 milliards de dollars, contre 1,3 milliards il y a un an.

Dash and many of his sisters are no longer part of the top 10 crypto currencies

Dash has failed to maintain its place in the top 10 crypto currencies in terms of market capitalization. After being in seventh place a year ago, she is now in thirteenth place. Its capitalization was then 810 million dollars and is today 2.585 billion. On the other hand, its price increased by 190% in one year, from 110.5 USD to 319 USD. Dash is not the only crypto currency to be out of the top 10. Monero (XMR) also came in twelfth, with a total capitalization of $ 2.6 billion. Nevertheless, its price is 162 USD today, an increase of 340% compared to a year ago when it was 36.86 USD. As for Bytecoin (BCN), it went from ninth to ninth! Its market capitalization is 1.175 billion dollars. Despite the very significant decline it has suffered in the past two weeks, it has still increased 142.5% over the past year. It is trading today at 0.006385 USD against 0.002634 USD in May 2017. Finally, Golem (GNT) fell to 47th position by market capitalization, while it was in 10th position a year ago. The price increase has been only 5.3% since May 2017. It is trading today at 0.46031 USD against 0.437008 USD a year ago.

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