Crypto currencies, $180 billion capitalization!

Crypto currencies, $ 180 billion capitalization !!

Bitcoin continues its inexorable rise, and is approaching 6500 USD today!

On top of this great success of Bitcoin and many other virtual currencies, but also of success through these new methods of fundraising that are the ICO, not a day goes by without a big finance or governments around the world, gives no opinion on these phenomena.

We wanted to give you some figures that make your head spin ….

-The rise of Bitcoin since the beginning of the year: 540% not to mention sudden drops of up to 30 to 40%

Total capitalization of virtual currencies: $ 180.2 billion

-These last six months have seen daily volumes of digital ideas exchanges of up to $ 10 billion a day

-Bitcoin being 57.2% of this total

-The Ethereum, 16.5%

-Bitcoin Cash, 4.3%

-Today there are no less than 1231 cryptocurrencies

Since the beginning of the ICO raised $ 3.25 billion, which represents a net increase over last year where this accounted for only $ 96.4 million

110 Crypto hedge funds have been created since 2011 (these are hedge funds dedicated to virtual currencies)

All these figures prove once again that we are faced with a phenomenon reserved for a few speculators, but in the face of a real revolution in the world of finance.