2018 NEWS Consensus: Two Former JP Morgan Employees Launch Their Startup, Snoop Dogg and American Comedian Ronny Chieng

The 2018 consensus is truly an exceptional event in the crypto sphere.
Who would have imagined just 5 years ago that Ripple’s CTO would explain to Snoop dogg, the operation of a system based on the blockchain.

Because nothing is too good to ignite the investors, and Snoop dogg ignited the party organized by Ripple while the humorist Ronny Chieng animated the Ethereum conference.

Big ways for innovative projects with big potential.

Clovyr, a new Dapp Store

Among the innovative projects that have caught the attention of the public, that of Amber Baldet is in top position.

Amber Baldet announced his resignation from his position at JP Morgan to create his own startup. Finally, the former head of the JP Morgan Blockchain team has just unveiled his startup Clovyr in New York at the 2018 Consensus.

The project’s guiding framework is to facilitate the development of decentralized applications which, at present, is more difficult than it should be.

The Clovyr startup is a decentralized application store that will host well-designed applications and devices for internal development and specially created to facilitate the design of applications for companies.


In an interview, Amber Baldet shared that in the future, a number of Bitcoin applications will be possible, and other Blockchain integrations could be added to the Store. Initially, Clovyr will be compatible with Geth and Parity.

For the launch of the beta that will be expected during the year, the Clovyr team will provide companies who want to exploit the technology an initial development framework and tools for the analysis of private data that , according to Amber Baldet, will be popular products.

For now, the project has not been finalized yet and does not yet offer its full potential. In a press release, Nielsen said that although there is still no way to keep the data at their point of origin and perform large data analytics, in the future this could be made possible.
To comply with the GPDR, the new data protection law, the Clovyr team plans to launch a complete technology stack.


Clovyr Contributes to The Development of Blockchain-Based Applications

Blockchain has great potential, but innovation in different areas is stifled by gaps in application development. When a company wants to integrate decentralized tools, it is forced to do extensive research on open source development platforms such as Github, and this is usually not easy.

On Clovyr, companies and developers will no longer have to design their tools for nothing, because the design basis has already been done. On the company’s website, it is said that Clovyr is not just a development framework. It is an ecosystem of applications and services that allow developers and companies to accelerate the development of their products and bring them to market quickly; and as needs change, enable new features that reduce the cost of innovation.

In the press release, Amber Ablet compared the blockchain to the public cloud when it was launched. In the beginning of the public cloud, many companies have preferred to set up their private cloud internally for security reasons. Now, these companies are spending a lot of money to migrate to public clouds.


Finance Employees Migrate to Cryptos

As a sign announcing a paradigm shift, finance personalities are resigning to join or create blockchain-based businesses. A multitude of Wall Street executives have recently left their jobs for the cryptographic sphere and the blockchain. Former Goldman Sachs executive Breanne Madigan recently joined Blockchain.com, while another would have joined Mike Novogratz’s Crypto Investment Fund. In Australia, Commonwealth Bank Chief Financial Officer resigned as COO of blockchain Block.one.
With an almost limitless potential, blockchain interests more and more developers and investors allowing new startups to expand their ranks.

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