Analysis of the cryptocurrency market for the next days

The cryptocurrency market has seen sharp declines in recent weeks.

Rising investors took the opportunity to buy at lower levels. But this did not have the desired effects and the increases that followed did not reach exceptional levels. This proves that investors remain cautious.

But we can still expect an increase in most crypto currencies.


technical analysis bitcoin

Bitcoin went down to 9300 $. But currently it is rising again, to levels that could reach 13202 $.

It is likely that at this point a new sales cycle will occur that would cause Bitcoin to fall again to around 10,704 to 9,300 $.

If this support zone is maintained, this should lead to a new uptrend. On the other hand, if this support zone were to break, we could witness a fall below 8000 $.


Ethereum also suffered a sharp decline and reached a minimum of 770 $.

Here again, investors aggressively bought up, bringing the Ethereum to around 1097 $.

If he manages to exceed the  1100 $ threshold, we can expect a further increase to 1284 $


What about Bitcoin Cash?

The latter in the momentum of his elders fell and fell to the level of 1364.96 $ on 18 January.

If BCH arrives at 2072 $, and stays there, it will probably be the sign of a new recovery.

Otherwise it could fall to the level of 1194 $.


The Ripple has suffered a dramatic fall of up to 78.6%.

But today it seems to be the end of this downward trend. But it still offers resistance to the 20-day EMA. If he manages to overtake him he will be able to find himself at the level of 2,20 $.

However, if it does not exceed the 20-day EMA, it may fall. Its support level is 0.87 $.


IOTA technical analysis

With its rise to the level of 1.93 $ January 17, we can expect that IOTA pass the bar of 3.032 $.

But we can also expect a further decline.

It would be better to wait a little before trading this currency, the current models are not clear.


LTC technical analysis

Litecoin’s minimum was $ 140 on January 17.

If it manages to go up to 205 $, then an increase to 225 4is likely. But this level could offer resistance.

There is also prudence.


XEM technical analysis

The NEM suffered a significant fall of 78.6% on 16 and 17 January.

Since then, there has been resistance to the downward trend line. If the price goes up, it could reach 1.45 $.


ADA technical analysis

Cardano like all crypto currencies of the Top 10, has also fallen.

But on the 18th of January, it quickly came out of the downtrend line.

But its momentum has been halted and it fails to exceed 0.00006 BTC.

If it does, it could reach 0.00007 or even 0.00008 BTC.

On the other hand, if it does not succeed, it could go below 0.00004730 BTC.