VPN for Cryptocurrencies, what’s the interest?

In general a VPN has nothing to do with the world of crypto currencies. Yet the benefits of VPNs can make them the ideal ally of virtual currencies for several reasons. But first of all, you have to know what a VPN is.

What is a VPN?

The term VPN comes from the abbreviation of the English words: Virtual Private Network. Which means, Virtual Private Network.
In fact, this means that a VPN will create a direct network between two computers, rather than going through the common network. A kind of tunnel connecting two remote computers.
Moreover a VPN makes it possible to encrypt all your personal data.

As a result, a VPN will allow you to protect your anonymity.
In addition, it will allow you to circumvent geographic censorship.

Indeed, without VPN, when you connect to the Internet, your service provider, a government or any ill-intentioned person, can track you.
On the contrary, with a VPN, the only known thing will be that you are connected to the VPN. So there will be only your VPN provider who will know your activities. And if you have chosen a good supplier, know that it will not keep track of your navigation.

Second, a VPN will allow you to circumvent geographic censorship and access to US catalogs such as Netflix, or to use Facebook or Twitter in countries prohibiting it, such as China for example


How does a VPN work?

The operation of a VPN is extremely simple.
Just register on a VPN provider’s website and then download and install software. Then launch the software to protect your internet connection.

To download a VPN app for your mobile device, click here:

What is the interest of a VPN for crypto currencies?

So, what interest can represent a VPN for crypto currencies?
It should be known that originally Bitcoin was created to be an international currency, viable and free of any centralized regulation.
These are the two characteristics that have attracted investors to cryptocurrencies.
However, the use of virtual currencies internationally and their confidentiality have not always proved to be perfect.
Indeed, the Blockchain system provides users with pseudonyms effectively. But if these nicknames can be linked to personal information, users and their transactions can be traced or hacked.
Another important element is that governments are talking more and more about regulation, which can hinder the free exchange of crypto currencies around the world.

It is for all these reasons that VPNs can make improvements in these areas: on the one hand, they offer more effective confidentiality and, on the other hand, they make it possible to circumvent the obstacles limiting the free access to crypto currencies according to the country where you are.


Comment les VPN contournent les interdictions de GeoIP?

As we have seen, cryptocurrency regulations may involve GeoIP bans called geo-blocking. These blocks can restrict activities based on the region associated with the users’ IP address. Also, when a user uses a VPN, he changes his region to the one associated with his new IP address. It will be able to choose an IP address associated with a region that is not blocked and thus circumvent the prohibitions. It must be emphasized that the use of VPN is illegal in some countries. However, if a user wants to access Blockchain opportunities in an area where this is prohibited, he will not be really concerned about the illegal use of the VPN. But if you want to use a VPN for confidentiality, find out beforehand about the countries that allow this option.

How to choose a good VPN?

Once the decision is made to go through a VPN, it is still necessary to choose the right one. But how do you know what a good VPN is? Here are several criteria that can help you determine your choice: First, the price: there are free VPNs but they are often less reliable. It is better to choose a paying VPN but not too expensive. Second, choose a VPN that does not hold a navigation log. Thirdly, it is better to choose a VPN with a Kill Switch. Fourth, it is easy to use and in French. Fifth, that it can cover mobile navigation. Finally he accepts Bitcoins as a method of payment.

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