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Top 10 tips for ICO white papers

ICO whitepaper

December 7, 2020 | 

JOHN K MWANIKI |  0 Comments| 



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Whitepapers are the official documents for the crypto projects. They contain all the relevant information for a digital currency project. 

It has details on the type of project, the need, and implementation. 

The tips for ICO whitepapers are for attracting potential investors. An excellent whitepaper contains the information to impress prospective traders

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has become a leading way for fintech companies to raise capital. It is fast overtaking Initial Public Offering (IPO) as the top fundraising means.

As several projects come up, there is competition for investors. The whitepaper determines how much you gain from the crypto market. For that, you have to invest in the best ICO whitepaper.

Here are the tips for ICO to create the perfect whitepaper;

1.    Understand your audience

The first step towards creating the ideal ICO Whitepaper is by understanding the target audience. It is what determines every other thing in the document. Your work must reflect the target audience. 

For example, you will use technical language when targeting people in top professional positions. You might want to include graphics and other designs when targeting the hip community. 

Research and understand your target market. Consider interacting with them for some time. This helps you understand their pain points and views. 

The more you know about the audience, the much you can relate to them. Once they feel relatable, then they would be willing to invest in the project.

2.    Build a strong argument for the project 

Hundreds of ICO projects come up every year. All these come up with ICO whitepapers looking to stand out. In most cases, they are also targeting the same prospective investors.  

The only way to win is to use the tips for ICO to stand out. 

If you are going to stand out, then you need to be as convincing as possible. Create a compelling case for your project. Show the readers why your project is the best out of the rest. You need a strong problem statement to achieve this.

The kind of problem you are solving helps determine how many people you draw. Some of the most successful ICOs have been so impactful. Ethereum's, for example, was successful as it was changing the blockchain operations. It would support the development of several other decentralized projects. 

3.    Provide Evidence for Claims  

Scams in ICOs are one of the most prevalent challenges. No matter how much your project sounds compelling, the population needs assurance. Provide as much evidence as possible for all your claims.

Enough evidence is how you gain the investor's trust. Once you assure them of security and returns, you are all fine. Do not shy from including statistics and other research findings. 

4.    Make the document easy to understand

Those who are investing in your project are people who work for their money. They don't have all the time in the world to read every ICO whitepaper. Find a way to make the document easy to understand. 

Consider using an easy to understand language. Avoid jargon and other industry-specific terms. Also, go for a straightforward layout that is easy to skim through.

Also, make the introduction and summary as informative as possible. Most investors make decisions based on these aspects. 

5.    Give more than an ICO Whitepaper

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular. It means tips for ICO whitepapers will be increasing as well. You have to find a way to show value to be the best. 

You have to do extra. 

Consider creating a PowerPoint presentation of your document. You might also want to include some pictorial pages. The goal is to stay unique while appealing to the audience. Doing extra grows user confidence. It shows you are willing to work more for the project. 

6.    Include your team

The ICO team is another critical on the tips for ICO whitepapers. Most people want to invest in a project by experts. They look into the team for experience and qualifications. 

Include the team by having their names, pictures, and bios. It helps grow user confidence.  Other than expertise, one understands there is someone to hold accountable in case of any concern.

7.    Learn from the other Whitepapers

Inspiration is the last thing you will struggle with when creating an ICO whitepaper. Thousands of projects have come up before. Among them, there have been both flops and hits.

Take time to go through several ICO whitepapers. Observe the writing style, content, and every other detail. Look into what you can improve on the successful ones. You might also need to study some that flops to know what not to do.

Also, consider other successful crypto whitepapers. The more information to draw from, the better for your project.

8.    Mind the length of the whitepaper 

Creating an ICO whitepaper is all about balancing between saving time and giving the right information. While you want to make the document easy to read, you also want it to have full details.

The best way is to achieve balance by having various documents. The different documents to have include;

  • A problem/solution statement – this gives an overview of your project. It shows the need for it and how beneficial it is. 

  • An in-depth technical backgrounder – has detailed information about the project. Comes with all the evidence like math formulas and software architecture. You can also include code samples and use cases

  • A simple backgrounder -covers coin creation, revenue distribution, and how the ICO works.

9.    Invest in research

The cryptocurrency market is an evolving world. You don't want to be caught out using outdated information for your project. Keep abreast with all the happenings within the community. 

Investing in research helps you master all the current ways to handle ICO whitepapers. 

10.    Deliver on the project

Tips for ICO whitepaper remains a mere document in the long run. You have to implement all you have in the document for success. Create trust by delivering to the audience's expectations. Also, you never know when you might come up with another project.

How you deliver in the first whitepaper determines how much market proof you gain.

Bottom Line

An ICO whitepaper is the best platform to attract potential investors. Use these tips for ICO to help you create the ultimate document for your project. You will need it to beat your competition. 

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