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Top 10 Major Cryptos


July 6, 2020 | 

JOHN K MWANIKI |  0 Comments| 



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The boom in the crypto world has been massive. It's been coin launch after launch with different currencies looking to provide various benefits. With thousands of cryptos available in the market, understanding the top ones can be quite daunting.

The top cryptos come with a larger market share, high value, and trading volumes. These features make it have higher liquidity as most people are looking to use it. It also provides assured returns as the market value keeps rising. 

Using these metrics, here some of the top significant cryptos;

1.    Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the undisputed top crypto. No other coin even comes close. As the pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has remained the most valuable coin with the largest market share. It trades at some of the high industry levels of even $10k, which is quite astronomical.

Started as an alternative to the government-controlled fiat currency, Bitcoin is already becoming mainstream. Most traditional financial institutions and other retail stores are already accepting it as payment methods. The rise of the payment processors only goes to give it more clout.

The only concern that comes with Bitcoin is the scalability and regulation issues. The size of the coin's blockchain never increases, such that it takes quite a long time to complete large transactions. Most governments are also in the designation process of the crypto regulations. 

Ultimately, the coin is still massive as a market leader, such that it is the indicator of the performance of the other crypto coins. 

2.    Ethereum 

Even though Bitcoin has been massive in the market, Ethereum has done incredibly well as a second choice. Other than being a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is all about liberating the app development community.

It provides an infrastructure where developers can build apps without interference from other third parties. The acceptance of the dApps among most developers has increased the coin market share in recent times. 

The coin still looks to keep innovating to maintain its position as the second most traded in the crypto world. It has plans to launch an Ethereum 2.0 in July that looks to be better in almost every way compared to the current protocol. 

Ethereum 2.0 seeks to increase transaction speeds by changing the validation metrics. It also looks to solve the scalability and security concerns of the coin. 

3.     Bitcoin Cash 

Bitcoin Cash is every other thing that Bitcoin is and many more. Well, except for the high market value. Started as part of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is all about scalability and transaction speeds. 

The users of the coin felt the need to expand the coin's blockchain to increase transaction speeds. However, the move did not sit well with the pioneers of Bitcoin, leading to a hard fork. 

So far, the coin has traded in some high levels with a considerable reputation. The only concern is the possibility of another hard fork from the currency, which might have several impacts on the coin trading.

4.    Ripple 

Ripple is yet another crypto coin that has been massive in the world. Ranked number 4 behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, the coin is all about revolutionizing payment processing. 

The coin provides a digital payment network and protocol for almost any form of transaction. It is more of a remittance and asset exchange platform. 

One of its top-selling points is the faster speeds of transactions. Most of the traditional payment systems are already looking to it as a possible solution to increasing the payment speeds. It is also quite innovative and is always looking for ways to improve the systems of operations. 

5.    Tether 

Tether is a stable coin that pegs its value to that of the traditional fiat currency like the US dollar, Euro or Pound. It is currently at the value of the ratio 1:1 with the US dollar. Unlike the other cryptos, Tether is free from the volatility that is the primary concern of the crypto world.

The stability of the coin has become highly acceptable among the traditional financial markets and the digital markets. It is more like a bridge between the two factions. 

As a stablecoin, Tether is majorly a medium of exchange and a storage mode. It, however, doesn't support direct conversion to the US dollar.

6.    Litecoin 

Litecoin is the other cryptocoin that has taken the market by storm in the recent seasons. Created by some of the world's most reputable crypto developers, the coin has been massive in the market. It comes with considerable stability that makes it a reliable mode of storage of value.

It also comes with a limited supply that makes it ever valuable.

Litecoin is also quite easy to mine compared to other cryptos while also providing higher rewards. It is also one of the most trusted coins with increasing uptake hence one of the largest in Coinbase. 

7.    Basic Attention Token (BAT) 

BAT is a cryptocoin that looks to revolutionize internet experience. It is a utility coin that is integrated into the Brave Browser. 

It is an excellent reward method for digital services and any other activity. 

With the internet world ever-increasing and many people looking for security in payments, BAT remains the coin to use. It has had considerably sustained market growth over the years and doesn't look to go down soon.

8.    NEM 

Anyone looking for a unique crypto experience is better off using NEM. Unlike the other coins, it relies on harvesting for acquisition instead of mining. It also provides for proof-of-importance consensus for validation. 

One of the major selling points of the coin is the fast speeds of transactions. It takes around 6 seconds to harvest and another 20 to approve. Such speeds are high compared to the other popular cryptos. 

NEM also comes with a secure application building platform that looks to keep it as a valuable coin. It also looks to impact several other sectors like loans, royalties, and other data-centered applications.

9.    Stellar 

As one of the earliest crypto coins in the market, Stellar has continually reinvented to stay as one of the most popular coins. It comes with highly reliable blockchains to work as a payment system. 

Valued from as low as in cents, Stellar is one of the most affordable crypto coins. It has considerably improved cross-border transactions with the ultimate goal of replacing SWIFT as the most preferred payment method.

Anyone looking to start in the crypto world can also use it as an entry point. Therefore, it serves as the support system of the other coins and will still be valuable in some years.

10.    Tron 

Tron is a revolutionary entertainment blockchain. It seeks to make it seamless to create and distribute content at some of the most affordable rates. It is generally the Netflix of cryptos. 

The ever-growing demand for entertainment has made Tron highly valuable with the possibility of even much increase in the future. It also comes with significant safety and ease of use. 

Bottom Line

The status of the coins as some of the world's top is due to their functionality. All these coins come with stellar features that make them highly adaptable. They also provide value for users. Consider these tip cryptos whenever looking to join the trade. 

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