The Biggest Global Blockchain Project Next Door to Google and Tesla

Tahoe Reno, one of the world’s largest industrial complexes located in Nevada, USA, is the next location on the list to host Blockchains LLC.

There is not much spectacular about this, however, it is the new company’s activity and the size of the land acquired by the company that will leave you speechless.

Blockchains LLC is a rather new LLC, registered on May 16th of last year. The Nevada Registry Service would not provide any details about the details of the company’s operations. But, they did make mentions of affiliations to various companies owned by a lawyer named David Berns.

It makes all too much sense as to why Nevada was chosen for this next Blockchain experiment. Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval, recently approved Senate Bill 398, which provides tax exemptions for all Blockchain transactions.

Big Things in Small Packages

Despite still being a newer company, Blockchains LLC seem to have huge aspirations. Early last week, the company acquired roughly 335 km² of land, paid by Lance Gilman, who leads the Tahoe Reno complex project. Gilman, however, refused to give any exact details on the sum of the transactions but did add that in 2018, he had sold a total of 370 km² of land for a total of $175 million.

At first, Gilman had denied Berns’ involvement in the project before finally admitting that he was a player. Now, on its website, the company is proud to make mentions of joining the likes of other big names in Nevada such as Google, Switch and Gigafactory, the Tesla plant where Lithium Ion batteries are produced.

But for comparison reasons, Tesla’s factory is only a meager 10 km², and Google’s property is only about 6 km². So, what exactly does Blockchains LLC have in store for the Tahoe Reno Industrial Complex?


The World’s Largest Mining Farm?

On the company’s website, they present themselves as one of the head distribution registers and a key player in the world of Blockchain.

The new project would focus mostly on the development of trusted identity solutions and distributed application software, or Dapps, for Ethereum’s Blockchain. Blockchains LLC would serve as a “developer and a platform for the next generation of technologies to change the way individuals and businesses interact with each other around the world.”

Since the news of the Tahoe Reno project broke out, everyone already seems to be making wild speculations. The most popular of which seems to be the establishment of a giant cryptocurrency mining farm, which would make it the largest in the world. Though, many are doubtful that a company under the Ethereum label could have plans for such a massive undertaking after they’ve announced a new Proof of Work system for the cryptocurrency.

Even if possible, the idea of installing a such a farm in the middle of the desert doesn’t seem very credible, especially since the already high temperatures would lead to additional operating costs. However, there is a possibility of using solar energy to help reduce the energy bill.

The rumors prompted David Berns to make a statement on the ETHNews website, which happens to be owned by Blockchains LLC, to try to put an end to the rumors.

A Mysterious Cybernet City

For Lance Gilman, head of the Tahoe Reno project, the site that was chosen by Blockchains LLC was not by chance. “This is a massive property. I believe they are considering something that will demonstrate all the technological capabilities of Blockchain.”

Gilman believes that the project will be the creation of a merchant city where thousands of houses, residences and vendors would meet, all run by Blockchain. The idea would be a major hub for access to products and services, ranging from accommodations to restaurants and cafes. It would be a “Cybernetic community completely based on blockchain technology.”

If an on-site campus has possibly been confirmed, Blockchains LLC does not leave any other idea of what will be done with the remaining land area.

When asked to give a statement about the company, David Berns refused to give any details. “I can only say that it will be a project based on Ethereum. We will demonstrate how Blockchain technology can improve business and industry without comprising consumer rights.

In an email on January 24th, Blockchains marketing Director, Elaina Duffy, said that by the second quarter of 2018, the company will clarify their intentions.

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