Suing Satoshi Nakomoto

Recently, a formal lawsuit was filed against nChain’s Chief Scientist, Craig Wright, aka the ever-elusive Satoshi Nakomoto. Wright, who first made use of the Blockchain by creating Bitcoin, is being sued in US court for allegedly stealing a $5 billion-dollar fortune from David Kleinman.

Wright Vs. Kleiman

In the past few years, rumors have been circulating that both Craig Wright and David Kleinman were the masterminds behind the creation of Bitcoin. To date, there is still no proof as to who exactly Satoshi Nakomoto is, however, what is certain is that Wright and Kleinman have been involved in Bitcoin since day one and the pair has played an important role in its development. 

David Kleinman was once a brilliant computer engineer who specialized in cybersecurity. And, together with Craig Wright, he helped found the W & K Research LLC, which allowed them to secure a fortune of 1.1 million Bitcoins by mining the cryptocurrency. In today’s prices, this would equal somewhere around $5 billion.


Apparently after Kleinman’s death in 2013, Wright stepped in and falsified multiple documents that allowed him to lay claim to David’s share of the fortune.

The Allegations Against Craig Wright

Ira Kleinman, David’s sister, filled a lawsuit in front of the South Florida District Court which accused Wright of stealing $5 billion dollars from the deceased’s estate. Ira Kleinman claims that Wright took advantage of the fact that David’s family and friends didn’t know about the wealth he had accumulated over the years.

In the formal complaint, it states that Wright drafted several documents which allowed him to transfer Kleinman’s funds into his own account or to companies where he would have control over the capital. And, for this, he would have had to forge Kleinman’s signature.

On the other side, Wright claims to have documents proving that, during his lifetime, Kleinman had agreed to hand over the rights to his fortune and his intellectual property in exchange for non-operational shares in an Australian company.

Still, the plaintiff says that Wright had predicted that the shares would be worth millions and that Kleinman would be able to sell in a few months. However, this was nothing more than a lie and the Australian company went bankrupt some time ago.

To this day, the shares of Kleinman’s estate have not yet been returned, which is why Ira Kleinman is stepping in to appeal the issue and redress the injustice done to her family.

“… The plaintiff is appealing a judgment against Wright not only for the Bitcoin but also for the intellectual property that has been illegally withheld.”

As for Wright, he recently posted on Twitter one simple word: “Greed”. Which leaves us wondering whether he is talking about his own greed or the greedy fingers of the Kleinman family.

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