Predictions 2018 for Cryptocurrencies

The year 2017 has definitely been the year Bitcoin. With its vertiginous peaks and these troughs just as dizzying, the cryptocurrency has left no one indifferent.

Also Bitcoin, which was created in 2009 by its mysterious designer Satoshi Nakamoto, was really revealed in 2017. And with it the general public discovered the strange world of crypto currencies of all kinds.

Bitcoin in 2018

  • What have we learned about Bitcoin during this past year?

First of all, it is an extremely volatile currency.


For the moment the answer is no. Because of its high transaction fees and long transaction times, the currency is not really suitable for daily payments. As for the improvements to be made by Lightning Network, they have not yet kept all their promises.

  • So is Bitcoin a store of value like gold?

Maybe of advantage, but its volatility does not make it a real safe haven.

Of course, many developers are working to improve the performance of cryptocurrency. And this year was also the year of the fork for Bitcoin. With Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold among others.

But may it be necessary to bet on the eve of this new year on more flexible alternatives?

Year 2018, Ethereum year?

There are blockchains on the market that use so-called smart contracts, like those of Ethereum. And that could well represent the future. Platforms of this type are ideal for decentralized finance and commerce.

For comparison, we could say that Ethereum is Windows that Bitcoin is Dos: although many Americans grew up with Dos, it is with Windows that computers have become popular. And with Ethereum it is possible to create applications by the thousands which should also make it a popular product.

The future of Blockchain technology

Last month was the DevCon3, which is an Ethereum developer conference.

All of them have demonstrated that they have the will to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation. It should also be noted that these developers are working hard on the issues of confidentiality and scaling.

Thanks to them the future of Ethereum seems assured.

So for the world of cryptocurrencies, 2018 will be the year of technological developments, where will not be!

But everything suggests that these developments will take place and that we are at the dawn of a new technological era.