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Opera, First Major Browser to Integrate Crypto Domain Extension

Opera Browser to Integrate Crypto Domain Extension

April 7, 2021 | 

JOHN K MWANIKI |  0 Comments| 



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Opera became the world's first major browser to integrate cryptocurrency wallets linked to its desktop browser, Android app, and iOS browser. The wallet is capable of supporting Ethereum, Tron, and Bitcoin. After a successful rollout in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, the service is now available for Opera users in the US, the UK, Switzerland, Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand.

The purchasing function works for Ethereum and Bitcoin transactions. With around 200K active monthly users for its wallet, Opera is a gamechanger in the blockchain industry. Allowing users to top up their digital wallets through their browsers seamlessly is phenomenal.

About Opera

For over 25 years, the Opera browser has been the choice for many internet users as the pioneer of innovative browsing solutions like speed dialing. It was no surprise when the company became the first major browser to integrate a crypto domain extension. Over 350 million people currently use Opera across a wide selection of devices in diverse global locations.

Built-in features like an Adblocker, Free VPN, and Sync data mirror Opera's efforts to provide enjoyable and fast browsing. With the Crypto wallet's addition, users can now make secure cryptocurrency payments and make a confirmation on the browser.

Opera's Crypto Domain Names

By partnering with Unstoppable Domains, Opera makes it possible for its users to secure a .crypto domain. With such domains in place, users can skip typing lengthy IP numbers to easily reach their wallet addresses by creating simplified shorter addresses like geek.crypto.

Also, the browser works with the IPFS protocol, enabling seamless retrieval of your website from a network of decentralized computers instead of regular servers or cloud storage. This is a welcome development for any crypto geek and investor looking for a better online experience.  

Understanding Blockchain Domains

Blockchain domains are a fascinating development in the vibrant crypto industry. Users have control over their domains through private keys making this is an essential feature as no oversight body controls these domains.

These domains provide an excellent substitute for complex cryptocurrency addresses and replace them with names that people can easily identify. A blockchain domain name is simple, with users attaching their names before.crypto.

Differences Between Blockchain Domains and Regular Domains

You might be wondering what differences exist between regular domains and blockchain domains. There are two main distinguishing factors:-

1. Simple names replace crypto-currency addresses

As already highlighted, blockchain domains accommodate easily readable and memorable names. With regular websites, you need to copy-paste addresses multiple times to perform any transaction.

2. Facilitates creating censorship-resistant websites

Online censorship is a real threat to digital freedom and can significantly limit the type of content users in a censored area can access. If you are in a territory facing online censorship, blockchain domains can help you bypass censorship by governments and other bodies.

Advantages of Blockchain Domains

There are various benefits you can expect once you choose a crypto domain.

1.    Simple addresses
Conventional crypto wallets feature about 35 characters, making them hardly memorable. Crypto domain names are much simpler and easy to remember.

2.    Instant cryptocurrency transactions
Thanks to the connection with crypto wallets and browsers, users can make crypto transactions directly through the browser. They do not require Escrow agents to hold funds during transactions.

3.    Complete control over their privacy
Users are in charge of storing their domains. As long as their private keys are safeguarded, users can enjoy better security.

4.    Bypassing internet censorship
Sites can face censorship for many reasons. One factor that makes blockchain domains stand out is because they cannot be censored or blocked, unlike regular domains.

5.    Improved functionality
Crypto domain users enjoy more functionality than regular domain users. They have a huge potential when it comes to interaction and making adjustments.

By Passing Internet Censorship-Concerns

In many instances, censorship is unjustifiable, especially when done to protect evil political regimes. Yet, censorship can be beneficial in exceptional cases like controlling cyberbullying, cyber-homophobia, cyber-racism, and cyber harassment. There is a need to empower individuals to bypass unfair censorship while protecting society's vulnerable members from offensive content.

How to Create Your Opera Crypto Wallet

You do not want to miss out on what the first major browser to integrate crypto has in store for you. But first, you need to create your crypto wallet for your Android browser in the following simple steps:
Download the app to your device.

  • Click on the Opera logo on the app

  • Go to the settings

  • Click on crypto wallet

  • Click on the Opera logo

  • Select crypto wallet again to open it

  • You can now also access the DApp explorer to view the Ethereum DApps.

For your iOS Opera Touch, follow these steps:

  • Click the Opera browser on your iOS gadget open

  • Find the three dots at the top right corner and click Settings.

  • Scroll to CRYPTO WALLET and tap on the Activate button.

Linking Your Crypto Wallet Between Your Laptop and Mobile Phone

The first step is to ensure your sidebar has a Crypto wallet. To achieve this:

  • Find the Easy Set Up button and click on it

  • Go to features and switch on Crypto Wallet to bring it to your sidebar

  • Select the Crypto Wallet and click on Reveal the Code

  • Go to the settings tab on your Opera browser and select Connect a Computer.

  • With your device, you can now scan the revealed code in your Crypto Wallet panel on your device.

Why You Should Back Up Your Wallet           

It is advisable to ensure you back up your wallet. This is to avoid losing it in case you need to uninstall your Opera browser. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the gear icon and click Backup your Wallet

  • You will receive a twelve-word phrase that you can save to your email and retrieve when you need to restore your wallet.

As the first major browser to integrate crypto, Opera users have a lot to look forward to. Opera has made an indelible mark as an innovative and progressive browser for the modern blockchain investor.

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