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New Crypto Exchanger: Swep.io

new crypto exchanger - Swep.io

October 9, 2020 | 

JOHN K MWANIKI |  0 Comments| 



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The cryptocurrency exchange platforms have been integral in the success of crypto adoption. The exchanges have made it possible to trade several virtual currencies. They have, in the process, increased liquidity.

Swep.io is a new entrant taking over the sector. It is a licensed platform offering digital assets and crypto exchanges. It seeks to beat the competition by staying unique and offering exceptional services. 

Swep is a product from reputable Estonia. It looks to make cryptocurrencies more acceptable for financial transactions. 

The platform already has more than 120 coins for users to choose from. They are planning to increase the number in the shortest time possible. It also takes delight in offering wallet services while also enabling the transactions.

The platform provides a useful affiliate program. Existing users will get to invite others for rewards. Users not only get to store coins but also earn while at it. 

Advantages of Swep.io services and products 

Not every crypto exchange user has the same need. That is why it is possible to get different reviews about the same platform. An ideal exchange still provides extra features to meet various user needs. 

Here are some of the features that make Swep stand out of the crowd; 

  • Fast execution speeds 

The slow transaction speeds are an issue for most cryptocurrencies. Most of the coins take around 1 – 30 minutes to confirm. It depends on how fast the network is. Even though Swep.io does not increase speeds, it notifies users in case of delays. From then on, the user can decide if they still want to transact or reduce the amount. Massive amounts (1TBC and more) take longer. 

The platform makes the whole process fast from the start. It provides for a simple and easy to navigate website. Users get started within a few clicks. The ease of use makes it appealing to both beginners and professionals. 

Still, simplicity does not make the platform compromise in quality services. 

  • No Limit on Transactions 

Most of the exchanges provide for synthetic transaction limits. This is different from Swep.io which does not have any transaction limits. The platform also has no extra charges in case of larger transactions. 

The only concern can be on the longer durations. Still, that's a currency issue, and the platform notifies the user beforehand.

  • Reliable customer support 

Swep.io takes pride in offering reliable customer support. It provides for a 24/7 reachable technical support line.

Users can also reach the team through the mail. It replies to mail fast. The general answering time is within 15 – 60 minutes, depending on the workload. 

The platform is also active on all the major social media. You can reach them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit

As a new entrant in the sector, the exchange is still open for collaboration and PR. It provides for easy reach for proposals for cooperation. It is also available for those looking for advertisement prospects or to add a coin. 

Most exchanges take a percentage of the transaction, depending on volume. This reduces the potential earnings for larger transactions. Swep.io provides for fixed transaction costs. It charges a fee of within 0.1% - 0.3% on all transactions. 

  • Protection from sudden market movements 

The crypto world is highly volatile. Most exchanges don't protect against sudden market price movements. Swep.io allows fixed-rate transactions. It protects the user from any adverse market changes if the transaction is already on. The rates remain fixed if the funds reflect within 15 minutes of the transaction. 

  • Secure transactions 

Security is another concern in the crypto world. Swep.io understands this and provides for secure transactions. Most exchanges allow transactions without necessarily having to register. Swep.io requires users to register. 

It needs extra information in line with KYC procedures. Users have to provide an email address, phone number, and password. 

The registration helps protect against fraud and hacking. You are better off sacrificing a few moments of your time for assured secure assets. Other platforms have experienced hacking cases before. Swep is an ideal option in the crypto market for security. 

The Latest Crypto Market Trends 

The launch of Swep coincides with digital currencies becoming mainstream. Bitcoin had been first accepted at Wall Street. Afterward, the emergence of several crypto exchanges

Virtual currencies are becoming more accessible, with several payment processing methods available. Several merchants are accepting digital currencies. With time, the Bitcoin ATMs and other access points will be like any other financial tool. 

A falling stock market buoys the expanding cryptos. The effects of the Coronavirus have led to the decline of the fiat currency. The period hastened the move to the digital world. It means a similar uplift to digital assets

The period has also seen a move to regulations. Most governments are looking to regulate the cryptos as they become tradable assets. The regulation comes with more transparency as the market becomes more secure. 

The increased regulations have already attracted institutional investors. Swep is on track by favoring registration. It is already in line with the regulation requirements. 

Some users value more the decentralized nature of cryptos. For them, they have been using the also-expanding private coins. Top coins like Ethereum are also keeping the market active. 

Bottom Line 

The recent market movement has been an increased crypto adoption. The digital currency boost has lifted the supportive ecosystem around the cryptocurrencies. 

It has seen an increase in crypto wallets and digital asset exchanges. These have led to unprecedented reach. 

As the services become more available, the challenges also come along. Most of the Bitcoin exchanges have had challenges in limited transactions. They also suffer from volatility concerns due to the changing exchanging rates. That is where Swep has come in.

The new kid in the block comes with unique features to ensure the best customer experience. It provides for unlimited transactions and fast execution speeds. It also has protection against sudden market movements with fixed transaction costs. 

Even though there are several exchanges and extensive market reach, Swep looks to be a good match. 

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