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Lisk Review


October 26, 2017 | 

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LISK review

LISK was created in 2016.

It is a platform for developers to create their own decentralized applications, such as on Ethereum or NEO.

Thanks to the Lisk Blockchain and its token, developers will be able to create, distribute and manage applications on the network in a completely personalized way.

In particular, its creators have worked to simplify and accelerate the development of the blockchain framework.

What are the particularities of LISK?

LISK is based on a main blockchain system and side blockchains.

The first ensures security and stability. The others allow unlimited flexibility.

So developers have total control of their blockchain network.

Moreover they do not need to create their blockchain from scratch, it is LISK who deals with these sidechains.

In addition, applications are written in javascript which facilitates the task of developers.

The LISK Foundation is working on a software development kit project called SDK.

In this way, each application will be built on its own blockchain.

And LISK will be there to help new applications grow.

In fact, once the SDK launched, it is possible to develop social networks, games, messaging etc ...

No need to follow a protocol "peer-to-peer" or develop its own algorithm, LISK takes care of it, while maintaining the principle of decentralization.

How does LISK work?

The LISK Blockchain operates on the principle of Game Proof Delegate or DeLegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) for its consensus.

This means that the owners of LSK vote to designate delegates who ensure the security of the network and the addition of blocks.

There are a total of 101 delegates who have received the most votes.

It should be noted that anyone can register as a delegate by choosing a username.

In addition, these delegates can at any time be among the top 101 because the voting process is dynamic.

Then, the chosen delegates, share their rewards in LSK with those who voted for them. This is what makes LSK tokens useful in the blockchain process.

So only by being LSK holders, you can increase the number of your chips.

The team

The LSK team is a young and dynamic team with extensive experience in the field of blockchains and applications.

The core team is located in Berlin, but LISK has members around the world, especially in New York and Switzerland.

The president and co-founder is Max Kordek.

The vice president and co-founder is Olivier Beddows who has more than 15 years of experience in building applications.

The price of LISK

LISK was launched in March 2016 by an ICO.

During this ICO, 100 million LISK were distributed. 85% were distributed to participants during the ICO and 7.8% went to the team. The remainder was distributed in bonuses, as payment for advisors and for pre-ICO participants.

LSKs are traded on platforms such as Bittrex, Yobit, Poloniex or Jubi.

It is possible to exchange them for Bitcoins or other crypto currencies.

On the other hand, for Fiat currencies, it is possible to exchange LISK only for Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan, but this choice should be expanded in the future.

Today (January 2018) the LSK is trading around 26 USD and its capitalization is 3.167 billion dollars.

How to buy LISK?

To buy LISK, you first need to create an account by downloading the LISK portfolio. Then you have to launch the application.

So you can receive your LISK tokens that you can buy on many trading platforms.

These tokens are essential for performing actions on the LISK network.

At this point, you can explore the tools of the LISK blockchain.

For example, see the list of delegates, statistics, the latest transactions, the accounts of the richest, etc.

You can also share your skills to advance the development of LISK or deploy applications.


LISK is aimed at developers of decentralized platforms.

It allows them to save time and focus on their applications, rather than the meandering details of the Blockchain.

It is also interesting as cryptocurrency. Because the simple possession of LSK allows you to obtain rewards and therefore increase your capital.

In addition, this platform is still in its infancy and has good development potential for the future.



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