Is SegWit2X a scam?

Last November, Bitcoin had to undergo a fork called SegWit2X. This one had not finally taken place because it did not seem to be still in point.

But on December 28, the fork will take place.

In fact, the new SegWit2X project should make a number of changes compared to its big brother Bitcoin.

What will change with SegWit2X?

To begin, you must know that a fork is a split within a cryptocurrency. The new Blockchain thus created looks like a snapshot of the previous Blockchain, but is supposed to make some changes.

As for SegWit2X, the modifications made concern the size of the blocks at 4 MB. But also the use of a new algorithm, X11 as well as a unique address format.

It should be noted that this fork was founded by Jaap Terlouw, a developer based in the Netherlands and promises protection against replay attacks.

It will normally take place on December 28th.

But SegWit2X arouses suspicion and some talk outright scam.

The last fork of Bitcoin are they scams?

During the past year, Bitcoin has suffered many fork. Among them, the best known are Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

But there have been many others. For example: Diamond, Platinum, Lightning, United, Ruby and recently God.

However the Bitcoin community judges all these last fork rather obscure for a multitude of reasons.

The latest one before SegWit2X was Bitcoin God. It was born on Christmas day and is therefore aptly named! … It was created by the Chinese investor, Chandler Guo.

However, on the Reddit forum, this currency is considered a scam, as well as by the co founder of Trezor.

Pavol Rusnak of Satoshi Lab, he does not hesitate to say: “God is a scam and we do not support it – they list Trezor and other brands without permission and without reason.”

If we take the case of SegWit2X, it will only be supported by five exchanges, two Portfolios and three mining pools.

It must be recognized that the Bitcoin community is also very skeptical about this currency and considers it “suspicious”.

Similarly, the co-founder of Satoshi Lab is as incisive as for Bitcoin God. He calls it a scam again and announces:

                                           “No support for this scam!”