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Introduction to Cuprum Coin - Full Review

cuprum coin - Full Review

November 2, 2021 | 


Jesus Guzman | 

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This year, cuprum coin’s founder and CEO signed a contract worth more than 60 billion USD with an ultra-fine copper powder owner. Therefore, this coin is a cryptocurrency backed with commodities through an underlying physical asset.

The company's primary goal is to ensure maximum security of all investments in the marketplace for a long period. Due to the difficult manufacturing process and material costs, ultra-fine copper powder is considered one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies.

This coin is known to maintain its value for a long period considering its future uncompromising demand of the assets. This coin is based on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) hence can meet all classic commodities’ criteria like Gold, Silver, Aluminium, Zinc, Nickle, Copper, and traditional fiats currencies.

Because of that, its application in the crypto community will be wide-ranging from fiat currencies to, exchange of goods, services, and crypto. Another important piece of information about this valuable commodity is that it is built on TEZOs.

Cuprum coin has less cost of operation proof of stake

Therefore, it is a perfect alternative platform for developing an eco-friendly blockchain environment. Its proof-of-stake needs less cost of operation and less energy than proof-of-work blockchains such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Ultra-fine copper powder demand will remain uncompromised with an 8 to12 per cent expected growth rate. Among its wide application are space programs, medical technology, and the aerospace industry. In most cases, ultra-fine copper powder is meant for loan collateral; hence the end-use is in bank vaults.

This ultra-fine copper powder prohibits retail traders, investment firms, investors, pension funds, and hedge from trading with it since it is not categorised as a financial instrument or commodity value.

This makes the coin the best solution in the next generation crypto world. It is a guaranteed long-term success when using this sustainable energy due to international expert teams. It offers the best way of presenting your money through the use of a featured digital commodity.

Why choose TEZOs platform?

TEZOs applications and asset platforms can develop and upgrade themselves since it is open source. Core protocol upgrades are governed by stakeholders like the amendment process.

An energy-efficient algorithm

TEZOs offer the best alternative platform for combining blockchains that are eco-friendly, unlike proof-of-work blockchains.

decentralized innovation

Since the launch of the cuprum coin, all stakeholders might agree on funds distribution or payment to groups or people who took part in protocol improvement. This payment strategy foster decentralized network upkeep and widespread engagement.

Institutional grade security

Tezos is made to offer code correctness and safety required for assets together with high-value use scenarios for both application layer and protocol. It facilitates formal verification similar to the practice used in spanning from aerospace and nuclear to semiconductor and mission-critical industries.

Tezos is considered the leading proof-of-stake blockchain contract. Tezos smart contracts are diverse enough to use formal verification; hence can be reliable, secure, and mathematically verified.

Where to buy the coin

The pre-sale phase of the coin is still on with Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) as a buy option on the official cuprum trading platform. The anticipated duration for the pre-sale phase is at least 2 months. Afterwards, it will be followed by IEO (initial exchange offer), then trading on exchanges.

The pre-sale phase of cuprum coun

  • Purchase option: Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • Quantity: 1.5 Million
  • Start: ongoing from 8th October
  • Price: $10
  • Duration: until 26th November 2021

IEO (Initial Exchange Offer)

  • Purchase option: depend on rules of crypto exchange
  • Quantity: 13.5 Million
  • Maximum duration: one month
  • Starting time: 1st Dec 2021
  • Price: $15

The open market exchange

  • Purchase option: all crypto listed on the exchange
  • Minimum quantity: 15 Million
  • Start time: 1st January 2022 or immediately after IEO completion
  • Starting price: $25

Cuprum coin specifications

  • $30 Billion underlying assets value
  • Ticker: CUPRUM
  • 1:100 Emission rate
  • 300 Million CUPRUM COINs maximum supply

A whitepaper document is tentative and meant for informational reasons only. This coin brings the accuracy of the conclusion or statement made in the whitepaper link. All information found in the cuprum whitepaper is based on legal sources and documentation and is assumed reasonable.

Information on CUPRUM TOKEN

It is the next-generation blockchain trading platform for the exchange and trading of copper. The company behind the Cuprum coin project is a crypto company CUPRUM COIN s.l.l.c from Dubrovnik, Croatia and founder and CEO Mario Urlic. The Croatian crypto company is responsible for the market launch. The TOKEN Company extends the opportunity to purchase digital commodity, backed with ultrafine copper powder.

The copper mining business is limited to professional investors. The good thing about the next-generation copper platform for trading is that it has the mission of taking Cuprum tokens to the general public.

1 kg copper is used to back each Cuprum token and is extracted from the production facilities. Any token holder can access the exchange operation at the online platform.

Solutions offered by Cuprum coin

Based on this commodity-backed asset, the coin is considered commodity crypto. It offers a safe investment plan since it is a simple solution for any identified problems. Compared to other fiat currencies, the cuprum coin can meet all criteria quickly.

Some of the benefits offered by this coin include:

  • Long-term steady market value hence offer the unique marketplace
  • Licensed and regulated issuer
  • Low transaction costs
  • A minor difference between asked price and the bid
  • Sufficient product volume

Why invest in this coin?

The USP (unique selling proposition) is the post-purchase element that shows the distinction between competitors and products. Two unique selling propositions make cuprum an exceptional coin in today’s crypto marketplace.

Elastic coin stability

This ensures a strong buying power in the bullish sentiment. This commodity-backed coin offered environmental protection and was termed a safe platform for volatile crypto-times yet not stable.

asset demand stability

Its main work is to protect investments and maintain values for long periods during bearish times.

Crypto ecosystem 4 main steps, namely: Cuprum coin in terms of crypto commodity, Cuprum coin buyer, investment security and fundamental value, Cuprum’s backup commodity (copper powder), and finally the market that consists of goods, crypto, services, and fiat exchange.

More information about underlying assets

High purity Nano and ultra-fine copper powder are some of the most valuable sustainable elements due to the material costs of challenging processes.

Coin explorers and producers need at least 250kg of copper and other additives, catalysts, and solutions to obtain a single gram of high purity Nano and ultra-fine copper powder.

This production process requires constant renewable energy sources and is performed in an advanced technological laboratory with limited computing power. Based on the agreement signed recently, over $30 billion worth of ultra-fine copper has been dedicated for this commodity-backed coin.

This commodity-backed coin's main aim is to combine blockchain tech to deliver value built on TEZOs platform, which is eco-friendly with the highly valuable and demandable commodity (ultra-fine copper powder). The Cuprum Company is aware of this unique marketplace's interest and curiosity in the crypto community.

Therefore, they decided to present faster and transparent coin explorer plans and shift initial coin launching. The management offers the best funds distribution plan, including environmental protection and sustainable energy.

The company secures and stores valuable underlying assets in highly secured facilities.

The introduction of this project will help many people interested to invest in available commodities present in different institutions for decades now.

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