In which cryptocurrency to invest?

Which market is the most generator of wealth?

For years now, the greatest creator of long-term wealth has been the stock market.
Shares in these markets generated profits of 7% per annum.
Which means the possibility of doubling its capital once every ten years, which is not nothing.
However, in recent times, the cryptocurrency market has managed to supplant the traditional stock market.
In less than a year, the total value of all digital currencies increased from $ 17.7 billion to $ 244 billion.
This is an increase of 1300%!!!

It should be noted that to achieve such performance, it would have taken the traditional stock market several decades.

The cryptocurrency best investment

It is Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that holds the upper hand, with a 750% increase in value.
It is also the currency that accounts for 56% of the market capitalization of virtual currencies.
In addition, Ethereum has increased by 4500% since the beginning of the year !!!

This craze for virtual currencies is essentially due to the technology behind them: the Blockchain.
This technology makes it possible to make the currencies decentralized and no longer dependent on any financial body such as banks.
This technology is open-source which means that it is impossible to modify the recorded data by going unnoticed; which makes the Blockchain much safer than current software.
In addition Blockchain can also save money for companies that use it because it is less expensive.

Are Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains preferred by businesses?

Yet the two main crypto currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum do not necessarily offer through their Blockchain what some companies are looking for.
Take the case of American Express and Banco Santander, they decided to use the Blockchain Ripple.
Because Ripple technology allows for cross-border payments instantly, instead of a few days ago.
Ripple is today the fourth largest market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, with $ 9.1 billion.
So this partnership should promote the currency issued by Ripple the XRP.
It should be noted that Ripple technology does not require the passage of a virtual currency to make transfers.

Ripple is not alone in shadowing his two predecessors.
Major banks like Barclays, HSBC, CIBC, Credit Suisse, State Street and Mitsubishi UFJ, are expected to create their own Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Ethereum, when it could be adopted by many companies, thanks to its smart contracts technology.

In which cryptocurrency to invest?

Dr. Pavel Kravchenko, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences and founder of Distributed Lab, plans:
“Tokenization will be the next big thing that will boost global GDP growth and make life easier for entrepreneurs.”

In the future, will it be the preferred Blockchain for companies?
The answer to this question depends on the future of cryptocurrency as a whole.

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