Hypnosis services to help you remember your Wallet password?

We all have forgotten at some point one important password but fortunately most messaging services will give us a second chance by simply allowing us to create a new password in just a few very simple clicks to unlock our accounts. With Bitcoin Wallet however we will encounter a totally different and quite frustrating story. If by any chance you have the misfortune to forget that important password, you can really say goodbye to your Bitcoins. Face to face with this seemingly hopeless situation, Russian hypnotists have found a very helpful strategy for some. They are able to give hypnosis sessions in order to help you remember your lost password in the hope that you will recover your Bitcoins. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Billions of "lost" Bitcoins

Just a few years back, believe or not, a Bitcoin was worth just a handful of euros. Because of this, many have bought into it without giving too much of a thought.  Today the value of this cryptocurrency has increased at a fast pace. The individuals who have bought Bitcoins for an estimated amount of two to three thousand euros in the past, they realize now the real and true potential of this currency today. They could have easily become multi –millionaires if and only if they wound have not forgotten their precious wallet password. Try to remember a lost password from a few years ago, it is almost an impossible thing to do.

Forbes has estimated recently the value of these precious and lost Bitcoins to more than 20 billion $. The estimation will showcase as well the fact that this misfortune is not at all an isolated case, and is not only valid for long-time investors either.

Hypnotherapy services to recuperate your Bitcoin wallet

In Russia you have the privilege to use a hypnosis service if you happen to be an investor and more specifically if you happen to lose your Wallet password.

This service will cost you 1 Bitcoin and 5% of the recovered amount you had, if the hypnosis consultation have been successful.

“For the first time in the history of cryptocurrency, specialists will help you recover your lost password of your wallet”, states Denis Derkach- the owner of a cryptocurrency advertising and IT platform

The hypnotist who works on behalf of a cryptocurrency platform called Cryptomania is known to use a rare technique able to help his desperate customers remember their e-wallet passwords.  To describe the technique a little, the hypnotist will manage to bring the person into an altered consciousness state where he can recall vaguely certain information, according to Veronika Marymur- a Bitcoin hypnotist. With this being said, she was not able to really make a clear distinction between a regular session of hypnosis and this particular case scenario focusing only on lost passwords. Moreover, she reports that on an average, only 50%of clients have manage to actually recall their passwords at the end of a session. It is safe to conclude that this particular method is not able to help everyone.

Mark Frauenfelder, the owner of Boing Boing website/ Wire chef-editor, wrote in an article that even after 4 months of hypnosis consultations, he was still unable to remember his Bitcoin wallet password. He had to get in touch with hackers in order to recover his Bitcoins.

Another simple technique is very used in Malaysia. To remember any password, you will need to simply go to the forest or in the country side and bury a small symbolic box with slightly encoded indications that will allow you eventually to actually find your lost password.

Considering the situation, all techniques should be tested as there will be nothing to lose, but maybe to gain your precious access to your Bitcoin Wallet treasure.

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