How To Buy Bitcoin?

How to buy Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies?

Now that you understand the benefits of cryptocurrency, you certainly want to buy them, either to store them or to make purchases through them.

For this several steps are necessary that we will describe you.

We will take the example of bitcoin, but the principles remain the same for other currencies.

Install a wallet and a Bitcoin address.

To buy bitcoin or make transactions with this virtual currency you must use a wallet and a bitcoin address.

For this you will need to install a wallet software.

These programs allow you to create and store bitcoin addresses on your computer.

Once you have installed your wallet and created your first bitcoin address, you will need to get the bitcoin, by exchanging Euro or any other currency in two different ways:

Through exchange platforms or

By going through sales sites (broker).

(Know that it is also possible to invest in a minor or rent power and thus participate in the creation of currency through the site Coinmama or sell objects or services against this virtual currency)

Exchange platforms.

On an exchange platform, bitcoins can be acquired according to the principle of supply and demand.

These are also platforms that allow today to set the official price of bitcoin.

You will therefore go on this platform, a purchase order, with a maximum limit that you will have set.

If your offer is at the market price you will immediately receive your bitcoin, otherwise you will have to wait for sellers to accept your offer.

To pay for the purchased bitcoin you will usually be asked to make a SEPA transfer (the disadvantage being the delay time of several days).


A simpler way to get bitcoin is to go through sales sites: brokers. Brokers are companies that sell the bitcoin they bought or mine at prices close to market prices. They can offer the price they want, because you buy them directly your bitcoin without going through the principle of supply and demand. To do this you must create an account. Choose the amount of bitcoin you want to buy. Pay your bitcoin. And so you will receive your bitcoin on your wallet.

Means of payment for the purchase of bitcoin.

1- The credit card.

This is the easiest way to buy bitcoin.

You can simply exchange your euro for bitcoin after an identity check.

2- Buy bitcoin via SEPA bank transfer.

Most platforms and sites accept SEPA credit transfers.

It will take you three to six days to receive your bitcoin on your account.

In this way, the transaction costs of large amounts will be significantly reduced.

3-  Buy bitcoin through PayPal card.

To use a PayPal card, the best is to go through the platform Coinmama that will allow you very quickly (a few minutes) to deposit money on the platform through your PayPal account. You will deposit your currencies by exchanging them against the currency of the site, the SLL (which is the currency of the site “second life”), then exchange these SLL against bitcoin.

4- Buy bitcoin with cash.

To buy bitcoin with cash, the most used means are the Western Union or the postal account.

You can pay in a box office and get your bitcoin in about two hours.

In fact the funds will be deposited directly on the account of the broker.

5- Buy bitcoin with paysafecard

To buy a bitcoin amount with a paysafecard prepaid card, you will have to go through the Coinmama website or you will convert your euro into SLL, the currency of the “second life” site, thanks to which you will be able to trade with bitcoin.

6- Buy bitcoin with Neteller 

Neteller is the electronic purse of Casino and Poker players.

You will link your account to the Coinmama platform which will then allow you to deposit your funds and convert them into bitcoin.

7- Buy bitcoin with postal account mandates.

Through the mail you can also buy your bitcoin by simply going to a counter and asking to pay the brokers through the account mandate.

You will receive your bitcoin within a few hours.

Here are many ways to buy bitcoin at your convenience.

Once purchased, you may decide to keep them as an investment or use them to pay for purchases.