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GoldCoin Overview – Gold Backed Crypto

Goldcoin - Gold-backed crypto

September 30, 2020 | 

JOHN K MWANIKI |  0 Comments| 



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Gold has been the globally accepted metal since time immemorial. For that, most entities are always looking to own it. It keeps on becoming more lucrative, with a sustained 15% price increase rate per year. 

The need for a "digital gold" has been on for the longest time. E-Gold was the first to emerge in the 1990s. Millions of traders took it up until its eventual shutdown. 

The age of the digital coins has resurfaced with the expanding cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin has become a successful coin, with most referring to it as the "digital gold." The gold coin-backed cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular. 

Coronavirus, in particular, has made traders look for possible alternative investments. Gold and cryptos have been active during the period. It only means that gold-backed crypto would be the best alternative to the fiat currency

GoldCoin remains one of the top gold-backed cryptos. It is an ERC-20 backed coin operating on the Ethereum network. Read along for its features and why it is ideal to invest in it. 


GoldCoin operates as a stable coin. These coins have come under scrutiny due to the lack of a physical reserve. Tether, for example, has faced bad publicity due to such accusations.

GoldCoin has made security and accountability its top feature. It looks to build trust by offering a publicly known physical gold reserve. 

There have been concerns about fraudulent gold introduced in the market before. The team avoids problems by providing live updates. The 24/7 live stream of the bullion vault allows for trader monitoring the backup at any time. The facility available on the website helps avoid the possibility of a foul play. 

The GoldCoin team is also big on audits. The reputable GDA capital audits the physical gold holdings. The auditor has worked with several clients hence is trustworthy. 

The live stream and the verifiable audits give GoldCoin a hedge over the competing gold-backed coins. Users only need the assurance of the available backup for digital currencies.

The coin is also big on user security. It provides for 2-factor authentication upon logging in. It helps avoid the risk of malicious activity. 


The technological operation of GoldCoin is highly reliable. It operates on Ethereum, one of the most popular and stable cryptocurrency development platforms. 

Ethereum supports several other coins like the DeFi coins

Working on Ethereum provides for the needed legitimacy. It allows for monitoring of the smart contracts through the Etherscan. 

The security features of the coin also mean it invests in the top of the line technology. It provides the needed information on the compatible wallets. It also has details on the recommended Gas limits. The current Gas limit is 25000.

The strong technological foundation of the coin is one of its main selling points. This allows it to attract several investors. With the investors, it sustains the operating system and ensures the long-term stability of the system. 

The Roadmap of GoldCoin

The other thing that sets GoldCoin apart is its plan for the future. It has a detailed Lightpaper with all the information. The detailed paper provides information on the coin's growth plan. 

The roadmap runs from Q4 2019 to the Q2 2021. 

The coin hit all its Q4 2019 plans. It was to take shape and join the various IP pieces. This was to be preceded with a launch in 2020. The coin was successfully launched according to schedule.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a concern for most of the virtual currency projects. It, however, seems the team is still on course to hit 2020 objectives. It is still on time to expand its reach and capability.

So far, the coin has updated the website. It has all the necessary information on security and support. It also holds the Lightpaper, technological framework, and the buy option. 

The project has also deployed the smart contract. Also, it has opened up for public investors. 

The team is on course to attract more traders. It looks to shore up trading volumes and liquidity

The coin seems to have more physical precious metals dealers. It is also on course to setting up GoldCoin ATM networks to the public.

For 2021, it looks to be added to the CryptoExchange.com marketplace. After which it becomes a household name in the crypto and gold industry. All these they plan to achieve with a team of the right talents. 

Having achieved all the plans so far, the coin derives confidence from the users. It is also attractive for potential users as a store of value

Is GoldCoin the Right Investment?  

GoldCoin is an ideal investment for anyone looking for security. The coin is an affordable alternative to traditional gold. The more gold becomes scarce, the more gold price becomes costly. The GoldCoin allows you to own it without paying as much. 

GoldCoin is also inclusive. It is fractionated to up 1/1000th of the ounce of gold. It allows you to own the gold according to your budget. The company is also working on setting up several physical vaults. The users can conveniently exchange the coins for gold at will. 

The assets also come with the needed anonymous nature. It is a privacy coin that does not require identification to use. Its decentralized nature is like most of the other cryptos. For that, the current crypto currency users would acquire it.

The GoldCoin works on the Ethereum platform. It only needs a wallet address for transfer and other transactions. 

Bottom Line 

Gold has maintained its position as a secure asset. It has also become quite costly. That is where the GoldCoin comes in. The coin has deployed top of the range of technology to provide affordable digital gold. 

Every GoldCoin is a representation of 1/1000th of the pure gold. The user can redeem them at any physical vault. 

The commodity comes with several benefits to traders. It attracts many users, thus great for liquidity. 

The coin is also big on security. It provides for two-factor authentication when accessing the account. Even though there are several other gold bar assets, GoldCoin is the leading. 

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