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Discover 10 cryptos That Are Following the Market


September 4, 2020 | 

JOHN K MWANIKI |  1 Comments| 



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Cryptos are fast becoming mainstream. They are now the ideal investments in a revamped digital economy. This article helps you discover ten cryptos following the market. It looks into where they excel the most and prospects; 

1.    Bitcoin (BTC)

As the first cryptocoin, Bitcoin is booming. No other coin comes close to beating it. 

Bitcoin correlates with the traditional stock market. The coin has gained from the declining conventional market. 

Most people abandoned stocks to look for alternatives during the coronavirus pandemic. Bitcoin has proven to be the best alternative investment. The run has seen it hit some of the highest values in recent times to trade at over $12k. The coin looks to gain more as the market becomes crypto receptive. 

2.    Kyber 

Kyber is all about making the blockchain world more accessible. It offers an on-chin liquidity protocol that supports decentralized token swaps and integration in any system. The platform supports value exchange for all assets in the ecosystem. 

The coin has a market cap of $298m and is ranked 50. It is still gaining market share with the several functionalities it offers. Whether making payments, developing apps, or token, the coin is useful. 

Like most of the tokens following the market, Kyber is planning an upgrade. It looks to improve the Katalyst protocol to attract more users. The changes will allow easy integration with other decentralized apps. It also seeks to introduce rebates for reverse and enhance liquidity. 

3.    Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin is one of the unique cryptocurrencies that is following the market. It is looking to revolutionize the gaming industry. The coin couldn't have come at a better time. 

The blockchain use is getting higher while gaming is also exploding. 

The Ethereum based coin is currently ranked at 57 and has a market capitalization of $147,482,177. It seeks to make gaming more engaging and competitive. It allows games to digital objects and develops better virtual worlds. 

The platform also supports multiplayer. It also comes with an advanced reward system. Gamers redeem their points for ENJ tokens. 

The game developers also gain a better marketing edge. The coin's prospects are promising, and it looks to be the future of gaming. 

4.    Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is another of the essential cryptos. It stayed on the shadows of Bitcoin for some time. However, it is now a refined coin. The coin has gained massive market share in recent times. 

The main reason for the growth is the resurgence of the DeFi coins. It provides the platform for the operations of the coins. 

Ethereum also follows market sentiments and improvements. Most of the crypto traders are after anonymity and speed of transactions.  

Ethereum seeks to provide security by upgrading its systems to the ETH 2.0. The prospects of the upgrade have attracted several users. 

5.    Chainlink (LINK)

ChainLink is one of the most valuable DeFi cryptos. It helps in connecting the blockchain with the other smart contracts. So far, the coin has had an impressive run. The 2020 financial year has even been more productive to the currency. 

It started the year trading the lows of around $5. This is different from where it is now ranging above the $15. The same period has seen it hit the highest at $20. It is almost gaining the elusive stability. 

The price movements have attracted investors to the coin. Chainlink has partnered with Google for use in the cloud systems. It will become even more prominent with traditional investors and companies. 

6.    Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptos that are following the market. Its primary role was to correct the Bitcoin issues. It has been successful in keeping its position as one of the most valuable cryptos. 

The coin keeps growing to meet market demand. Its token is a favourite in most exchanges. It has built a reputation for even more significant development. 

It has also been listed as one of the assets in a stock exchange. The listing has its correlation to the market. It has to undergo similar regulations to the traditional stocks. It also gets exposed to more traders. 

7.    Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is another of the oldest cryptos in the block. It comes with as many opposers just as the proponents. It has, however, grown in value over the years. 

Ripple follows the market through massive adoption. The robust markets are taking up the coin pushing it to high values. Exchanges like Huobi and Binance included it in their portfolio earlier in the year. Other services like Zero Hash, Uphold, and Sygnum bank also has it as an asset.

The massive adoption has seen the coin increase in value. It is likely to keep the trend for the last quarter of the financial year.

8.    Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos is futuristic crypto. It looks to liberate the crypto world by allowing the different blockchain to integrate among themselves. The crypto users would not need third part services anymore to exchange the tokens. 

The coin is already in the market. It commands a market cap of $1.19B at the current value of $5.88. These are impressive figures given it was released barely a year ago. 

Most of the exchanges are accepting the coin. It will grow even more as the crypto world improves. 

9.    Unibright (UBT)

The growing blockchain adoption means that with time people will need experts and specialists. Not everyone can get access to these facilities. That is where Unibright coin comes in. It is all about availing tools for blockchain users' productivity and efficiency. 

With a market cap of $54,684,504, the coin is one of the lower-ranked in this list. However, it follows the market tractions. The more the masses adopt blockchain technology, the more Unibright becomes relevant. 

The coin has received competition from other cryptos like Kyber. It has, however, already partnered with top companies like SAP and Microsoft. It still looks to partner with more to gain a larger market share. 

10.    EOS 

EOS is all about enabling large-scale applications. It is a popular currency due to low transaction costs. It provides for a reward system that eliminates the need for the transaction fees. 

Currently trading at $3, the coin is still to gain more activity. The blockchain world is improving with various large-scale applications. 

Bottom Line 

Crypto development has been on for some time. The need for alternative investment fuels growth. Top cryptos are improving to meet market demands. Use this list to understand the cryptos following the market. 

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