Digital gold will be able to buy real gold

If Bitcoin looks like a safe haven like gold in recent times, it can also be used as a means of payment for precious metal.

Thus, buying with Bitcoin ingots, coins or numismatic products will now be possible on Apmex.

Apmex will accept Bitcoin payments

For starters, be aware that Apmex is an online trading of precious metals, known to have sold billions of gold bullion. This company was created in 1999 by Scott Thomas. And Apmex are actually the initials of American Precious Metals Exchange. It offers about 10,000 products around precious metals.

The company announces it is "delighted to welcome the use of crypto currencies."

Now with Bitcoins, you can buy Apmex products using Bitpay. In addition, these purchases can be made at any time and almost anywhere in the world, as with a credit card.

Also there will be no need for conversion of the virtual currency to make payments and these will of course be anonymous thanks to the Blockchain Bitcoin.

In addition, Apmex announced that the first Bitcoin orders will receive a 4% discount.

The alliance between bitcoin and precious metals

In his blog the company explains:

“As bitcoin becomes more popular and widely accepted as a payment method, we are delighted to welcome the use of this cryptocurrency for the purchase of precious metals, gold and silver by integrating Bitpay on our site. Web.”

It should be noted that Apmex is not the only distributor of precious metals accepting payment in Bitcoin.

In the long list of distributors we can find among others, Provident Metals, Amagi Metals, American Bullion…

Some, like financial analyst Andy Hoffman, see this alliance between Bitcoin and the precious metal as a symbiotic alliance.

For him, this alliance could, no more and less, put an end to the regime of the Fiduciary currencies.

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