Dash in sharp rise

Dash in sharp rise

First of all a little reminder of what Dash is: Dash is an open source cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin.
However it also has some differences and was created to make transactions faster and more confidential than with Bitcoin.
It is a completely decentralized and self-sufficient currency.
Compared to Bitcoin, it is a digital currency faster and simpler.
In addition, since November 8, she has released a new version that has reduced transaction costs by 10 times and increased its blocks to 2 MB.
This is probably the reason why its price has literally soared lately; it is now being displayed around a comfortable $ 570, increasing by over $ 250.
We can also assume that the last partnership with Kuva Cash contributed to this surge in its value.

This partnership is supposed to solve the problem of inflation in Zimbabwe’s economy. (We know the problems that this country is going through lately.)

Economist Max Keizer encourages payments in Dash.

Among those who are resolutely optimistic about the cryptocurrency Dash, we find Max Keizer.
As a reminder, Max Keizer is an economist, fervent defender of Bitcoin.
In addition, he recently got to create a television show about the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies, The Great American Pilgrimage.

In this show, he will travel the United States and ask people about cryptocurrencies.
And it was at the time of the trailer for this show that he called on the community to make more use of Dash for payments, to give Bitcoin a more investment-related role.

He later said:
“DASH is becoming the crypto payment rail while Bitcoin is becoming Gold 2.0.”
“I suggest to those who are frustrated with the Bitcoin scaling up debate about adopting DASH for payments and leaving Bitcoin Core alone to continue working on Gold 2.0.”

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