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Cryptos With a Market Cap under 50M

Market cap

August 22, 2020 | 

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The crypto world has thousands of currencies. Yet, only a few with the higher market cap dominate the headlines. It almost seems like there are only a handful. There are several other cryptos to know about. 

Here are the top cryptos with a market cap under 50M.

1.    Pundi X (NPXS) 

Pundi is all about providing a borderless payment ecosystem beyond the fiat. Ranked 175th in the world, Pundi X has a market cap of $48.9M. This comes with a market dominance of 0.01% and a trading volume of $2.03M. Its current circulation supply is 236B/258B.

The coin is already in more than 30 markets globally, as it makes payments more manageable. It has partnered with different payment systems in several countries. One of the notable partnership is with PayPal

Pundi X has a presence in Dubai, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, and many more. There are prospects for even more improvements. It is likely to grow as most people look for efficient payment transfer. 

2.    Walton Chain (WTC) 

The Wisdom Alters Label Trade Organization and Network (Walton) chain is a coin designed for the internet of things. It uses RFID technology with the main aim of eradicating retail counterfeiting. It was developed by a 40-member team led by Xu Fangcheng.

Walton chain has a market cap of $47M. Its current price is $0.713805 and a trading volume of $12.79 within 21 exchanges. 

The coin has a total supply of 70.00WTC with a circulating supply of 69.65WTC. It hit the all-time highs of $46.47 in January 2018. It is currently on a bullish from the recent value appreciations. 

3.    Elastos (ELA) 

Priced at $2.68, Elastos is the other reliable crypto with a market cap below $50M. It comes with a market supply of 33.93M ELA and a current supply of 17.24M ELA. Its all-time high price was $94.77 in February 2018. It currently has a bullish price prediction sentiment.

Elastos is all about building a safe and reliable decentralized internet. It provides a secure blockchain to run decentralized applications. It also supports the exchange and ownership of digital assets and personal data. Elastos has a market cap of $46M.

4.    GXChain (GXC) 

GXChain is the ultimate data protection blockchain. It runs a fundamental blockchain for the global data economy. 
It ensures data economy through the use of various modules. Whether it is uploading, exchanging, computing, or storing data, GXChain provides a safe platform. 

The platform has already attracted over 1 million registered users. It also has Bitwaves as a dApps running platform. P2P helps protect data privacy and copyright. It also helps in preventing fraudulent activities. 

Ranked 174th, GXC comes with a market cap of $49. It has a trading volume of $11M GXC, and the current pricing is at $0.726797. Its all-time high price is $10.61 as of January 13, 2018.

5.    Power Ledger (POWR) 

Renewable energy is the next frontier in the world. People are more observant of energy consumption and how it affects the environment. Power Ledger is the top blockchain to ensure proper energy utility. It partners with several energy producers and consumers. 

It helps in determining the energy consumption and allows the producers to sell the surplus. Power Ledger has grown in recent times. It has partnered with several power producers in Western Australian and France.

There is still research being done to determine how more blockchain can help in energy conservation. It means Power Ledger still has room for growth.

POWR has a market capitalization of $46M. It has a market dominance of 0.01%, with a trading volume of $4.4m. 

Its all-time high value was $1.89 on January 07, 2018. The current market supply of the coin is 430m against a limit of 1B coins. 

6.    SOLVE (SOLVE) 

SOLVE is all about providing the best health care services through the blockchain technology. Solve.care builds blockchain platforms to improve healthcare delivery and management. It provides the ideal platform for patient care and monitoring. It also helps in processing medical records, benefits, and payments.

The platform is available for all medical fraternity. Patients, insurers, pharmacies, laboratories, and several more, can use it. The platform can also be used in several ways. It supports care wallets, cards, and administration fees. 

Ranked 169th, the coin has a market cap of $44m. Its current price is $0.131357, with a circulating supply of 340m SOLVE out of the total supply of 1B SOLVE. 

7.    MaidSafecoin (MAID) 

MaidSafeCoin is the SAFE Network’s decentralized currency. It is all about an autonomous and decentralized data network with extra storage space. It also provides better data connectivity and processing power. 

The platform allows several users to share data and use secure blockchain for data storage, transferring money, or browsing. It also allows users to offer special data storage facilities. After which the data owners reward them. 

MAID has a market cap of $44M with a market supply of $452M MAID. It does not provide data on the maximum supply. It currently trades at $0.09810 and ranks at 170.

8.    VIDT Datalink (VIDT) 

VIDT Datalink is the epitome of limitless connectivity. It enables allows anchor data from any publisher platform to other blockchains. It uses smart contracts to support connectivity. 

VIDT has been undertaking several projects to enhance its functionalities. It looks to use cloud integrations for high-volume business platforms to certify documents. It supports several cloud services like Azure or AWS to connect to the VIDT API. 

VIDT has a market cap of $43M with a market dominance of 0.01%. Its current price is $0.927310, with a trading volume of $7,262,642.

Bottom Line 

The list of the cryptos with a market cap below $50M is never exhaustive. The crypto world is ever developing. Several other coins are still available. Having a lower market cap does not mean less importance. These cryptos are still as important as any other major one. 

These are some of the essential cryptos with a market cap below $50M. 

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