Cryptocurrency analysis for the next days

Markets have responded well to futures contracts launched in recent days by CBOE and CME.

The price of Bitcoin has climbed. It seems that traders have decided to hold a position on the cryptocurrency.

The other Altcoins also reacted for the majority of them on the rise.


Since December 10, when the Bitcoin was worth 12505 USD, the cryptocurrency has increased by 39% and is now worth 16368 USD

For the moment, if we look at the curve of the past 20 days, we can see enough support for buying at lower levels.

If prices fall below the 20-day EMA, then it will be a downward sign.

But before that, each depression can cause aggressive purchases.

On the upside, we are seeing sales above $ 16700.

In recent times, Bitcoin has exceeded twice the USD 17000, but has not managed to stay at that level.

That’s why, as soon as it manages to hold at 17,000 USD, it may rise to a target of 24,291.58 USD.

But before that, there could be an obstacle to $ 20,000 with a profit booking at $ 18281.

Bitcoin graph


We had planned for Ethereum a break above 480 USD.

It arrived as planned and yesterday The Ethereum reached new heights.

There may be a resistance at the level of 652 USD.

If Ethereum falls below 480 USD it will be a sign of decline. And before that all the troughs will be able to provoke purchases.


Bitcoin Cash continues to swing between 1129.33 USD and 1758.4 USD.

Cryptocurrency has resisted downward.

She is now trying to get out of this downward trend.

If the price of 1758.4 is maintained for 4 hours, there will probably be a rise that will follow.

It would then take a position at 1520 USD with a stop loss at 1400 USD.

The goal to reach is 1750 USD.

Another possibility is to enter 1758.4 on long positions.

If the price is maintained for 4 hours, then we can target the target of 2387 USD.

Bitcoin Cash Graph


The cryptocurrency IOTA stagnated for a long time.

But since the month of November, she is on an upward curve.

It went from $ 0.78735 on November 27 to $ 5.59 on December 6th. This represents a jump of 609% !!

This price of 5.59 USD can represent a level of resistance.

If it exceeds it, then we should target 9.62 USD.

Otherwise, it is likely to fall.

IOTA Graph


The Litecoin has won these last five days 264%.

There could be resistance between $ 312 and $ 340.

After these spectacular increases, the possibility of a correction is not unlikely.

But when prices are in such a dynamic, it is difficult to predict the level of resistance.

Litecoin Graph


DASH jumped dramatically from $ 266.99 to $ 815.

But he had $ 651 support twice.

This suggests a possibility downward.

If it occurs, its price could drop to 540,995 USD.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency can resist 815 USD and find a new impetus which could bring its price to 979 USD then to 1199,01 USD

Dash Graph
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