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Cryptocurrencies: A Multitude Of Opportunities And Equally Important Risks


April 15, 2018 | 

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More than just financial assets, cryptocurrencies today represent for many investors, the promise of a better future. A future where self-fulfillment, from a financial point of view, will no longer require such a large investment of time. But they will not be called revolutionaries if there was only this lucrative aspect involved. Indeed, much more than a simple product allowing eventually to enrich itself, the advent of cryptocurrencies totally upset the vision we had so far of the economy and finance. Best of all, the technology they have been designed on is simply prodigious. The blockchain holds the real potential of bringing freedom and security on the internet to a whole new level.

A Significant Lack of Benchmarks

But unfortunately, the world of cryptocurrency is still similar to the wild west. It is cruelly lacking robust standards. In addition, the forms of the various market players are not very clear and the media frenzy that has taken hold does not help as much as one might think. According to a study by a firm of experts, nearly a decade after the development of the first-ever cryptocurrency, the universe is still in its infancy. Of course, the very concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is especially revolutionary, but from a practical point of view several aspects are still at an experimental level

The objective of the study was to rate cryptocurrencies relative to their respective technologies, their adoption by the public and the risk / benefit ratio.
Thus on a rating basis of A to F, no cryptocurrency has crossed the bar of B +. Bitcoin, which is the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency, only got a B- at the end of the evaluation. Ethereum his dolphin has found himself with C +. These two crypto-currencies, although many times tested by the community, have serious shortcomings from the point of view of speed and scalability, according to this study. And the younger cryptocurrencies like Cardano or EOS, which propose to solve these problems thanks to more advanced technologies, are still at an experimental stage. And overall, all cryptocurrencies are today characterized by a pronounced volatility of their prices.
It should be noted that this study was much criticized by the community and cryptocurrency experts.

An Infinity of Opening

But it should not be misunderstood, this evaluation has no purpose of lambasting crypto-currencies, let alone the blockchain on which it is built. It is important to keep in mind that the Blockchain offers an effective and above all inexpensive solution to one of the biggest problems and threats of this information age: IT security. The blockchain is indeed comparable to a decentralized and shared registry or database. This means first of all that there is no longer a huge server to install in a Scandinavian country or other colder region of the planet to avoid overheating. With the blockchain, the server is now made up of all the computers participating in the network.

In addition, this central server model still mostly used in most areas poses the eternal problem of piracy. Whether Facebook or Google, none of these giants are safe from a motivated hacker. The concept of shared database, introduced by the blockchain assumes that the hacker who wants to attack the network, must attack simultaneously, the absolute majority of all participants in the network. This is a lot more titanic than attacking a single central server; even though it is highly protected.

The possible applications of this technology are enormous. It is even the most accomplished form of democracy, inasmuch as each of the nodes of the whole system has the same value and is heard in the same way. Power really comes back to the majority, and there is no way to manipulate that majority. Applied to an election, for example, it would get rid of any post-election dispute and evils that it could cause. And this is not limited to this area. Finance, economics, health, cybersecurity, the list is non-exhaustive.

In fact, several governments, including the US, are studying various options to oversee the development of the sector. Two decades ago, the struggle to regulate the Internet culminated in an internet version of the Hippocratic Oath that paved the way for an era of tremendous progress. A similar approach today to crypto technology could trigger a new wave of innovation that will bring even greater benefits.

An Eternal Cycle That Repeats Itself

Bitcoin is adopted by less than 1% of the world's population and on a very small part of their heritage. The most realistic predictions predict a 20% adoption by 2030. The blockchain is only beginning to spread to all areas and when it is not centered on a speculative economic model, it is always welcomed with immense hope by all the economic, political, civil ...

Let's take a simple example that illustrates the revolutionary aspect of this technology. Currently 7 countries including Sweden are putting the management of their national real estate assets on the blockchain. Which means that you will be able to buy and sell your home, via the blockchain, without a lawyer, without a notary and with an automated tax system, via a smart contract. Even stronger you can divide your home or property in an infinity of titles or tokens. In other words, you can sell your home to a very large number of people around the world by dividing it in part.
Moreover, in the case where this house is rented, the smart contracts make it possible to redistribute the rent of the multiple owners in the form of a dividend.

New business models will be born, real estate agencies specialized in blockchain will emerge.

Individuals will be able to put their money in countries where real estate is exploding, rather than placing it in a bank or under their mattress.
But especially the business related to the implementation of these smart contracts, the development and coding, marketing and promotion of these new opportunities related to the blockchain will explode.

Remember the beginning of Xavier Niel, founder of free, which had started to sell minitel sites, for exorbitant prices. Simply because he was an early adopter.
We have entered an era of technological revolution.
In the past, a technological revolution like the creation of the train only happened once in a lifetime and its spread was so slow that it was difficult to grasp it.

From now on, in a life an individual can know 3 or even 4 revolutions. In addition, they are global and therefore massive and spread ever faster, creating incredible opportunities for early adopters who invest professionally in this area.
Doctor, developer, real estate agent, marketing expert, everyone has a card to play, as long as you love this world.

And for the few skeptics who are frightened by the blockchain and crypto-currencies and who still ask the fateful questions: Is cryptocurrency not dangerous, the blockchain is it secure? Should we trust such a recent technology ...
The answer to all these questions is very simple. --- We do not care !!! ---
With each revolution the same fears are born, and the same useless questions arise, whether for the appearance of the car, the printer or the internet. A revolution is by definition a change of status quo that worries.

The only question is, what is the purpose of letting one's self worry and question the inevitable? The blockchain like the invention of printing, the internet, a barbarian that will violate our habits to impose ourselves in our lives and become a commonplace element of our daily lives.
And no one can do anything to fight the inevitable.
The scripts failed to remove the printer that replaced their trades and popularized the sacred book to make it a mere mercantile object.
No one has been able to ban the internet despite this network facilitating the sale of drug weapons and the dissemination of pedophile websites.
The only thing we can do and invest professionally to steer this revolution in the right direction while surfing this wave that will bring the early adopters to the top.

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